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2018 Compliance Update: Protecting Your Firm in a Complex Environment Why Attend Stay on top of the latest regulatory changes and issues to manage compliance and safeguard your firm. Session Details As the regulatory oversight environment continues to evolve, advisors must keep abreast of changing conditions to manage compliance risk. Learn about the latest developments and what to watch for, including: Mutual fund share class selection Insurance Broker protocol 75 Minutes - Education Session | John Walsh, Eversheds Sutherland (US) LLP
2018 Tax Update: Strategies to Help Clients Lower Taxes Under the New Law Why Attend Learn key tips and strategies to help high-net-worth clients minimize tax exposure and maximize deductions under the new law.  Session Details The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act will have an immediate impact on high-net-worth clients. Take a deep dive into the most critical elements of the law, how it may affect your clients, and strategies to develop tax-advantageous solutions in a practical application session that covers: Insights on the most relevant changes in the tax law and how they may impact homeowners, wealthy families, pass-through entities, and other businesses Ways to optimize retirement accounts, philanthropy, and education savings accounts Strategies to help clients maximize the tax benefits of charitable giving  Opportunities to leverage solutions such as donor-advised funds and other giving vehicles as part of a charitable giving strategy  1 Hour - Education Session | Hayden Adams, Charles Schwab & Co., Inc.
Kim Laughton, Schwab Charitable
ABC’s of APIs: The Ins and Outs of Application Programming Interfaces and How They Can Enhance your Firm’s Approach to Technology Why Attend You may have come across the term Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) in the past. But do you know what it means, or how these tools could benefit your firm? In this session, we will demystify this popular tech term and offer ideas for ways your firm can leverage the many API-powered integrations that are available. Session Details Learn about the basics of Application Programming Interfaces (APIs), and the essential role they play in the technologies we use every day. We will share examples that demonstrate how APIs have simplified a wide variety of important processes, and how you can leverage these same tools to drive efficiency in your firm. We will also share details on Schwab’s APIs, which empower technology providers and firms like yours to leverage Schwab data throughout all of the systems you use. This 30-minute session is scheduled to take place on The Exchange showcase stage. After the session, continue the conversation by visiting us in the Schwab Center.    30 Minutes | Kartik Srinivasan, Charles Schwab & Co., Inc.
A Bond Bear Market? Bring It On! Why Attend Delve into why bonds are a solid investment even as interest rates rise, how to manage the transition to higher rates, and where to uncover new fixed income opportunities. Session Details Bond investors need not fear rising interest rates. The dominant driver of returns is yield, not the change in yield. Historical evidence shows that as rates move higher, fixed income returns look more attractive. In a thought-leadership, interview-style session, learn about: The historically weak correlation between rising rates and negative bond returns Why it’s important to readjust your mental targets How higher return expectations affect asset allocations Reaching your return target in a diversified, lower-risk manner Managing the transition to higher rates while finding new opportunities in the current high benchmark-yield environment Ways to manage income conversations with your clients This 30-minute session is scheduled to take place on The Exchange showcase stage. 30 Minutes – Showcase Stages | Janelle Woodward, BMO Global Asset Management
A Conversation with Andrew Card and Denis McDonough Consigliere, enforcer, point guard, battlefield commander, director of traffic, reality therapist, heat shield: each of these descriptions has been used to describe a president’s Chief of Staff.   Andrew Card and Denis McDonough recount what really happens in the Oval Office to the halls of Congress. 75 Minutes | Andrew Card, Chairman, National Endowment for Democracy | Former White House Chief of Staff
Denis McDonough, Senior Principal, Markle Foundation Former | White House Chief of Staff
A Conversation with Janet L. Yellen Join us for a keynote session with Janet L. Yellen, chair of the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System (2014-2018). 1 Hour | Janet L. Yellen, Chair and Board of Governors, Federal Reserve System (2014–2018)
Active Versus Passive Investing: Why They Aren’t Mutually Exclusive Why Attend Better understand the benefits of passive and active investing strategies, and how both can be used successfully in a portfolio. Session Details For most clients, a low-cost passive strategy such as an S&P 500 index fund makes sense for a portion of their assets. Other clients prefer to work with an active manager seeking to outperform the market. This requires  developing a long-term strategy clients can understand and stick with amid market volatility. In a thought- leadership session, a subject-matter expert will discuss: The benefits of diversifying with passive and active strategies to deliver optimal risk-adjusted returns and manageable volatility The importance of a sound, long-term investment process that will help you avoid pitfalls How to develop a disciplined and repeatable investment strategy 75 Minutes - Education Session | Joel Greenblatt, Gotham Asset Management LLC
An Advisor’s Guide to the New 20% Pass-Through Deduction Why Attend Master the ins and outs of the new tax code’s 20% pass-through deduction rule—one of the biggest tax savers for business-owner clients. Session Details The Tax Cut and Jobs Act, passed by Congress earlier this year, delivers significant tax relief to business owners in the form of the 199A deduction. But, it is also one of the most complex provisions of the tax code. Learn how to navigate the new 20% pass-through rule to add value for clients and differentiate your firm in a professional development session that covers: The basics of the 199A deduction How the deduction applies to “low-income” and “high-income” clients Strategies to help clients maximize the deduction 90 Minutes | Jeffrey Levine, | BluePrint Wealth Alliance
A New Paradigm for Estate Planning: Tactics and Tips for 2018 Why Attend Gain practical insight into strategies for helping your clients overcome income tax and estate planning challenges in 2018.  Session Details Are you ready to help clients manage their income tax and estate planning challenges this year? Learn about one of the best opportunities for independent advisors and their centers of influence to help clients since the Tax Reform Act of 1986, an approach that involves shifting away from estate tax planning to focus on mastering additional income tax and asset protection strategies. In this session a subject-matter expert will discuss: Section 199A planning, including trusts Decanting to capture the 1014(a) basis adjustment Asset protection planning with entities and trusts Estate planning for IRAs Integrating income tax planning into estate plans 75 Minutes - Education Session | Robert Keebler, Keebler Associates, LLP
Asia's ESG Evolution: Leadership and Opportunity Why Attend Discover why Asia offers one of the best opportunities for ESG investors. Session Details Asia is primed to serve as a hub for environmental and social leadership and innovation. The range of global environmental, social, and governance (ESG) challenges, such as climate change, can only be effectively addressed and solved if done so by Asia first. The ESG landscape is quickly evolving in this region as companies seek to provide goods and services that improve the quality of life while also addressing societal challenges. Learn about the growth of ESG opportunities in Asia and why you should make related investment decisions using a bottom-up, active approach. This 30-minute session is scheduled to take place on The Exchange showcase stage. After the session, continue the conversation by visiting us at our booth.     30 Minutes – Showcase Stages | Vivek Tanneeru, Matthews Asia
Behavioral Finance: Coaching Your Clients toward Wiser Investment Decisions Why Attend Gain an in-depth understanding of the behaviors that drive your clients’ investment decisions and discover how to coach them in making illuminated—rather than irrational—choices. Session Details Why do so many investors make bad investment decisions? Explore the factors that make people irrational when it comes to their money and how to use behavioral coaching to help them avoid the noise and stay focused on their plan. This comprehensive, pre-conference workshop will focus on practical application by showing: Why traditional finance models break down, and the tools for a better approach How to respond to investors’ biases, such as anchoring and loss aversion, to correct faulty decision-making How to proactively coach clients to keep them on track with their financial plans Ways to grow your practice by promoting your use of behavioral finance    120 Minutes | Jay Mooreland, The Emotional Investor
Building Better Portfolios with Alternative Investments Why Attend Find out how to evaluate the opportunities in alternative investments and implement them in client portfolios. Session Details Alternative investments have become more commonplace as they’ve moved from the exclusive domain of institutions and ultra-high-net-worth families to Main Street. As the bull market matures amid bouts of volatility, advisors are evaluating how to incorporate alternative strategies into client portfolios? In a panel discussion, three experts will delve into the challenges and opportunities, including: Why now is a good time to allocate to alternatives Distinguishing among the various types of strategies How the best advisors are using alternatives Evaluating the various structures Fitting these strategies into a goals-based framework 75 Minutes - Education Session | Anthony Davidow, Charles Schwab & Co., Inc.
Bob Rice, Tangent Capital
Scott Welch, Dynasty Financial Partners
Building ESG Investing into Your Firm Why Attend Hear from an advisory panel about the benefits of socially responsible investing and how to integrate it into your firm. Session Details Environmental, social, and governance (ESG) investing can not only help you deepen relationships with current clients concerned about socially responsible investing, but also help you build bridges with the next generation of clients and heirs by offering an avenue for doing good in the world. During the session, find out how three advisors are focusing on ESG in their practices, how to invest, and what factors to look for when considering companies that promote global sustainability. This 30-minute session is scheduled to take place on The Exchange showcase stage. 30 Minutes – Showcase Stages | Anthony Eames, Calvert
Combatting Cyber Thieves: Latest Trends and Best Practices Why Attend Gain a better understanding of the complexity of the latest fraud and cybercrime schemes and learn how to manage the ever-evolving threat landscape by discussing trends and best practices with peers. Session Details Can you spot the signs of a potential fraud, and do you know what to do to prevent additional harm? Because the threat landscape is changing daily, combatting cybercrime is challenging if you don’t have a keen awareness of the newest trends and the best practices to counter attacks. In a roundtable-style, practical-application session, learn how you can help improve risk management at your firm through a discussion about: Recent fraud trends in the financial services industry Two real-world case study examples of fraud Red flags to watch for Best practices, strategies, and policies that you can implement to thwart fraud  75 Minutes - Education Session | Greg Ruppert, Charles Schwab & Co., Inc.
Michelle Thetford, Charles Schwab & Co., Inc.
Compounding Wealth in Uncertain Markets Why Attend Learn why and hear examples of how a value investing strategy could help you generate returns in client portfolios. Session Details The value investing tradition of buying and holding undervalued stocks has come under attack, but today, as political systems and market structures face challenges worldwide, this strategy could help you generate wealth while providing stability. During a thought-leadership session, veteran value investors will explain how this approach has evolved and factors to consider, including: Accelerating secular change and maturing cyclical dynamics Effect of a flattening yield curve and changing regulation of financials Market impact of technology and demographics Maintaining a flexible investment strategy and the virtue of focusing on unpopular and unknown stocks The role of ESG products in investor portfolios 75 Minutes - Education Session | Ian Lapey, GAMCO Investors, Inc.
Christopher Marangi, GAMCO Investors, Inc.
Sarah Donnelly, GAMCO Investors, Inc.
Content Marketing: How to Create a Lean, Mean, Inbound Marketing Machine Why Attend Learn how to create a content marketing strategy that will engage your clients, generate leads, and make referrals easier. Session Details Content marketing focuses on building a business by creating valuable and relevant thought leadership material using blogging, email, social media, and other tools. When successful, it costs less than traditional advertising and sales approaches, generates more leads, and makes it easier for clients to refer you. In this workshop, attendees will draft a content marketing plan and: Learn how to tell the story of their “hero’s journey” Complete an empathy map to understand emotional drivers and decision points Develop ideas for an initial content calendar and draft an article outline Discover how to quiet their inner critic and become confident communicators 3 Hr - Pre-conference Session | Sheri Fitts, ShoeFitts Marketing
Cracking the Art of Human Hacking and Fraud Training Why Attend Find out how people can battle cybercrime by understanding social engineering and changing their behavior to deal with it.  Session Details Is your firm ready to take advantage of an important and underused resource in the fight against cybercrime? Humans can be crucial assets instead of weak links, but first they must understand how manipulation, deception, and fraud work. Learn how to train staff to be a bulwark against hackers in an immersive and engaging session that will cover how to: Identify the most common forms of social engineering Apply anti-social-engineering skills in the workplace and at home Understand how deceptive triggers work and how to combat them Distinguish weapons of manipulation from beneficial tools of influence 1 Hour - Education Session | John Sileo, The Sileo Group
Cybersecurity: Best Practices to Enhance Your Program Why Attend Stay on top of the best approaches and tools to develop and maintain a strong cybersecurity program that can protect your firm and clients in a continually changing threat landscape. Session Details Cybercrime schemes are rapidly evolving in their complexity. The smartest way to defend against the dangers is to create and update a cybersecurity plan that is comprehensive and robust. Regardless of where your firm is in this journey, you can benefit from understanding the current risks and learning about the latest practices and tools during this session that will cover: The current cybersecurity landscape, including the regulatory environment    Elements of a strong cybersecurity program    Best practices to enhance your firm’s efforts    Schwab tools and resources to build and update your program Educating clients and staff about proactively protecting sensitive information 75 Minutes - Education Session | Adam Moseley, Charles Schwab & Co., Inc
Ed Talks: Branding and Marketing Dig into the questions and issues that matter most to you. Ed Talks are hour-long, hosted conversations in The Exchange that amplify education session topics. Join with a small group of peers to share insights, learn more, and explore new possibilities. 1 Hour - Education Session |
Ed Talks: Building Strong Teams Dig into the questions and issues that matter most to you. Ed Talks are hour-long, hosted conversations in The Exchange that amplify education session topics. Join with a small group of peers to share insights, learn more, and explore new possibilities. 1 Hour - Education Session |
Ed Talks: Digital Marketing Dig into the questions and issues that matter most to you. Ed Talks are hour-long, hosted conversations in The Exchange that amplify education session topics. Join with a small group of peers to share insights, learn more, and explore new possibilities. 1 Hour - Education Session |
Ed Talks: Implementing New Technology Share the benefits and struggles of implementing new technology in your firm. Dig into the questions and issues that matter most to you. Ed Talks are hour-long, hosted conversations in The Exchange that amplify education session topics. Join with a small group of peers to share insights, learn more, and explore new possibilities. 1 Hour - Education Session |
Ed Talks: Increasing Diversity at Your Firm Dig into the questions and issues that matter most to you. Ed Talks are hour-long, hosted conversations in The Exchange that amplify education session topics. Join with a small group of peers to share insights, learn more, and explore new possibilities. 1 Hour - Education Session |
Ed Talks: Internships Dig into the questions and issues that matter most to you. Ed Talks are hour-long, hosted conversations in The Exchange that amplify education session topics. Join with a small group of peers to share insights, learn more, and explore new possibilities. 1 Hour - Education Session |
Ed Talks: Making the Most of ESG Dig into the questions and issues that matter most to you. Ed Talks are hour-long, hosted conversations in The Exchange that amplify education session topics. Join with a small group of peers to share insights, learn more, and explore new possibilities. 1 Hour - Education Session |
Ed Talks: Next Generation Leaders Dig into the questions and issues that matter most to you. Ed Talks are hour-long, hosted conversations in The Exchange that amplify education session topics. Join with a small group of peers to share insights, learn more, and explore new possibilities. 1 Hour - Education Session |
Ed Talks: The Aging Client Dig into the questions and issues that matter most to you. Ed Talks are hour-long, hosted conversations in The Exchange that amplify education session topics. Join with a small group of peers to share insights, learn more, and explore new possibilities. 1 Hour - Education Session |
Elevate your Firm’s Digital Presence with a Digital Marketing Checkup Schedule a 30 minute Digital Marketing Checkup to find out how your firm stacks up against digital marketing best practices! Session Details Millions of investors are learning about the difference you make through our national ad campaign, and we want to help you take advantage of this momentum in your local markets.  You’ll walk away with a personalized report and ideas for taking your digital marketing to the next level. To get the most from this experience, you should have the following in place: Unique Value Proposition/Elevator Speech Profile of your firm’s ideal client We will send a follow up email with more information on how to get ready for your appointment. Space is limited during each time, but please check other times if the session is full. 30 Minutes |
Emerging Markets: Growth Trends and Portfolio Allocations in the Year Ahead Why Attend Learn about catalysts that may affect emerging markets in 2019, and how you can best allocate the sector in your portfolios. Session Details Though emerging markets rallied strongly in 2017, leaving underexposed clients worried they’d missed their chance for gains, several global macro drivers support further growth. In a thought-leadership session, a subject-matter expert will discuss trends likely to affect emerging markets in 2019 and how the sector can play a role in long-term portfolio allocations. Understand: The ongoing importance of emerging market fundamentals How dispersion among markets may favor an active management approach What needs to go right in 2019–and what could go wrong The implications of changes in emerging markets indexes, as sectors with  Lower-earning drawdowns become a larger part of the benchmark This 30-minute session is scheduled to take place on The Exchange showcase stage. 30 Minutes – Showcase Stages | Patricia Ribeiro, American Century Investments
Five Industry Trends Reshaping Financial Advice Why Attend Learn how to harness industry disruptions to ride the wave of change, stay on top, and add value for clients. Session Details Industry disruption. The truth is, even before the rise of robo-advisors, advisors have long dealt with disruptions to their business models caused by technology—and found ways to add value rather than be left behind. Be prepared to adapt your firm’s business model and to flourish by understanding the trends during a thought-leadership session that will show you what to expect, including the: Convergence of historically separate industry channels Crisis of differentiation Search for new business models Rising pressure on finding new ways to improve the client experience Expectations of a new generation of digital natives 75 Minutes - Education Session | Michael Kitces, Nerd's Eye View | Pinnacle Advisory Group
Five Retirement Health Care Topics Every Advisor Needs to Understand Why Attend Learn about five retirement health care topics that every advisor needs to understand to help clients plan for their health care needs in retirement. Session Details Health care issues during retirement can have tremendous emotional and financial impact on your clients. Are you equipped to provide the financial guidance they need? Recognize Medicare myths and realities—and how Medicare affects Social Security benefits. Learn about financial tools you can use to build health care costs into your clients’ financial plans. In this session, you’ll find out how to: Evaluate the timing of Medicare enrollment  Build accurate health care costs into financial portfolios and plan for their impact on Social Security income  Incorporate Health Savings Accounts and Roth IRAs as assets in your practice  Conduct effective conversations on custodial care 75 Minutes - Education Session | Peter Stahl, Bedrock Business Results
Five-Year Outlook: Strategic Themes & Tactical Opportunities Why Attend Uncover key investment themes and tactical opportunities to inform your asset allocation decisions over the next five years. Session Details Are your investment portfolios positioned to handle the upcoming market environment? Join our Chief Investment Strategist as he reveals the key economic and market themes, return forecasts, and tactical opportunities that are driving the firm’s most important asset allocation decisions. During this practical application session, find out about: Strategic and tactical considerations around growth, inflation, and interest rates Current risk cases and their potential impact on portfolios Five-year return forecasts for global asset classes 75 Minutes - Education Session | Jim McDonald, Northern Trust Asset Management
Fixed Income at the Crossroads Why Attend Gain deep insight into the economic turning points facing fixed income investors and how to approach these. Session Details Fixed income investors continue to face some big decisions in 2018 that are likely to carry forward into the new year. What factors should advisors keep an eye on as they guide clients through a challenging fixed income market? A subject-matter expert will explain how his firm harvests alpha with a fine-tuned process that includes active management. In this thought-leadership session, gain a deeper understanding of the key inflection points and how address them: Synchronized re-acceleration of global growth Divergences and reversals of monetary polices Fiscal slippages Maturation and re-synchronization of the credit cycle 75 Minutes - Education Session | Michael Collins, PGIM Fixed Income
Guiding Principles for Advisory Firm Success Why Attend Learn and understand the five core principles propelling advisory firms that consistently outperform. Session Details Do you know what makes the top-performing advisory firms outperform? There are essential elements that advisors need to address over and over as they approach key turning points at different AUM levels In this session, Schwab’s business consulting will drive deep into the five principle that help create a clear path forward, providing strategic and behavioral clarity: Strategic planning and execution is a leading indicator of success  Value is defined through your clients’ eyes Operational excellence creates greater capacity for clients Your reputation is your brand People are your most important asset 75 Minutes - Education Session | Jerry Cobb, Charles Schwab & Co., Inc.
Helping Clients Overcome Behavioral Biases to Improve Investment Choices Why Attend Gain an understanding of the psychology driving your clients’ investment behaviors and learn methods for helping them overcome bias to make better financial decisions.  Session Details How do you handle behavioral risk—when the client says one thing yet does another? Learn why clients make the choices they do and how you can lessen the influence of biases on the investment decision-making process in a practical application session that will address: What makes clients “tick” Common investor biases and how to anticipate them Helping clients accurately view volatility and emotionally detach from fluctuations How to reframe the client’s perceptions so that they focus on their financial plan rather than what they read, see, and hear in the media 1 Hour - Education Session | Jay Mooreland, The Emotional Investor
How to Immunize your Portfolio from Interest Rate Risk Why Attend      Discover how to protect your clients’ assets in a climate of interest rate uncertainty, and what you can do to optimize returns. Session Details While higher short-term interest rates are likely in the near term, there is less agreement about the direction of long-term rates—though the potential for them to rise is significantly greater than many forecasters admit. In this thought leadership session, a subject-matter expert will discuss a range of topics related to interest rates and how they affect your portfolio. Gain insight into: Global macro factors that influence U.S. interest rates The shape of the yield curve and why it matters How rising interest rates are beneficial Portfolio positioning ideas that can help you generate strong returns in a rising-rate environment 75 Minutes - Education Session | Jason Bloom, Invesco
Inclusion and Diversity Think Tank: Increase Your Diversity, Increase Your Potential Why Attend Gain insight into the importance of increasing diversity in the RIA industry, and learn about  specific steps your firm can take to build a staff that reflects today’s investors. Session Details Culturally and ethnically diverse investors increasingly control assets and exert influence in the market, yet the degree of diversity in advisory firms remains low. In a thought leadership session, learn about the market opportunities and differentiation that can result from bringing diverse talent into your practice. A panel of subject-matter experts will examine the challenges involved and brainstorm for solutions. You will then partner with industry peers to share experiences and brainstorm solutions for increasing the representation of racially and ethnically diverse talent in our industry. You will gain an understanding of: Barriers to entry for people of color in the financial planning profession, and how you can help lower them Benefits that come with greater racial and ethnic diversity in the industry Specific actions you can take to diversify your firm, and resources you can employ 2 Hours | Leslie Tabor, Charles Schwab & Co., Inc.
Marilyn Mohrman-Gillis, CFP Board Center for Financial Planning
Cy Richardson, National Urban League
John Rogers, Ariel Investments
Inclusive Hiring: Positioning Your Firm to Deliver on the Promise of Diversity Why Attend Position your firm to have a stronger impact in the market through diverse hiring and a culture of inclusion. Session Details Are you trying to build a diverse workforce? To succeed, your firm must first overcome barriers that prevent inclusive hiring strategies from being effective. During this practical-application session, a subject-matter expert will take you beyond the common approaches for fostering diversity. You’ll receive perspectives and exercises that will help you better understand bias and how it can affect growth and hiring. Gain insight into: Research that demonstrates how bias is a predictor of prejudicial behavior How bias often creates or reinforces organizational inequity Techniques you can apply to help your firm meet specific diversity goals and overcome real-life inclusion challenges 75 Minutes - Education Session | Stacy Parson, Knowetry Consulting
Institutional Intelligent Portfolios in Action: New Capabilities to Help You Work Smarter Why Attend Gain a brief overview of Institutional Intelligent Portfolios® and learn about the latest enhancements to the platform that enable greater flexibility and efficiency.  Session Details Advisors have been anticipating the latest round of improvements to Schwab’s Institutional Intelligent Portfolios® platform. During this practical application session, see detailed demonstrations of our model management tool, which gives advisors a high degree of flexibility when building portfolios, including mutual fund portfolios and the ability to set discretionary rebalancing bands. Find out how to initiate account open for clients using the Digital Account Open tool, and learn how to add your firm’s own ADV, privacy policy, service agreement, and investment policy statement to the client envelope. We’ll also share what developments you can expect in the future.  This 30-minute session is scheduled to take place on The Exchange showcase stage. After the session, continue the conversation by visiting us in the Schwab Center.   30 Minutes | Michael Laks, Charles Schwab & Co., Inc.
Latest Enhancements to MoneyGuidePro® Why Attend Join us to learn more about major enhancements to MoneyGuidePro® that will help you engage your clients in high value advice conversations that build ongoing planning relationship. Session Details The new enhancements build on interactive discussions to help drive holistic recommendations protecting income, dependents and legacy. This 30-minute session is scheduled to take place on The Exchange showcase stage. After the session, continue the conversation by visiting us in our booth.   30 Minutes – Showcase Stages | Robert McCarthy, MoneyGuidePro�, Created by PIEtech
Leadership that Drives Performance Why Attend Find out how to use the behaviors employed by world-class coaches to develop your employees and sharpen their skills. Session Details How can you free up your time to address high-priority tasks? Your success as a leader is in part determined by how well you can teach those who report to you to take on additional responsibilities effectively. In a professional development session, you’ll learn the secrets of having instructive conversations with staff and delegating activities while maintaining strong relationships. Performance-based coaching will help your talent: Make effective decisions Take calculated risks Advocate for themselves 75 Minutes - Education Session | Suzanne Peterson, CRA Inc.
Marketing Magnetism: Immediate Strategies for Differentiating Your Practice and Winning New Business Why Attend Delve into the latest marketing strategies and tactics you can use to promote your firm’s value in a meaningful way that captures prospects’ attention and interest. Session Details What does it take to attract new clients in a highly competitive business environment where your prospects are often distracted by information and sensory overload? Gaining and sustaining their attention requires a laser focus on what they want, being strategic in your outreach, and harnessing digital tools to gain exposure. During an interactive session that spotlights practical applications, gain 33 inexpensive marketing ideas that you can put to work right away to differentiate your firm. You’ll also learn: Power words that attract prospects Strategies for differentiating your firm How to create a compelling value proposition How to improve you online presence and reputation 75 Minutes - Education Session | Maribeth Kuzmeski, Red Zone Marketing
Mastering ETF Trading: Strategies and Best Practices Why Attend Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) continue to grow in number of funds and assets.  ETFs offer advisors expanded choices and benefits of diversification, lower costs and tax efficiencies. However, trading ETFs is very different than mutual funds and even traditional equities.  Learn how and why trading ETFs is unique and assess your current trading knowledge and processes to see where you can improve and minimize trading costs. Session Details Are you ready to gain greater insight into ETFs and how they can help your clients meet their financial goals? In this pre-conference, practical application session, our subject-matter experts will discuss the tactical aspects of trading ETFs. Discover: How ETFs work and their key differences from mutual funds. How to assess your trades and order choices and when to seek off exchange liquidity. What you can learn from examples of successful and unsuccessful large ETF trades. Learn about resources and contacts available to you from ETF providers and the Charles Schwab Advisor Trading Desk 120 Minutes | James O'Hanlon, Charles Schwab
DJ Tierney, Charles Schwab Investment Management
Millennials to Boomers: Better High-Net-Worth Planning by Generation Why Attend Gain fresh, data-driven insights into the factors that affect how each generation makes investment decisions, and discover how to translate these into action. Session Details Each generation has unique experiences that imprint and influence money and investing habits. The differing perspectives of millennials, Gen X, and baby boomers affect their investing knowledge, degree of trust of experts, and financial philosophies. Using recent insights from two custom case studies of over 6,000 American investors, you’ll receive guidance from successful financial advisors about how to turn insights into action. This session explains: The defining traits of the past three generations How these traits translate into distinct financial attitudes and behaviors Clear steps you can take to more effectively connect with prospects and existing clients in each generation 75 Minutes - Education Session | Mike Van Wyk, Capital Group
MISSION: Success! A Fighter Pilot’s Secret for Peak Performance Why Attend Learn how to apply the same concepts used by fighter pilots to execute on key missions that are critical to your practice. Session Details How do elite fighter pilots ensure the consistent success of their high-stakes missions? They have a carefully honed process that leaves nothing to chance. In this professional development workshop, learn why fighter pilots use a briefing and debriefing process to maintain peak performance in critical and dynamic situations, and how you can easily apply the same techniques to your most important business missions. By implementing this simple process in your practice, you can: Drive alignment and a culture of excellence to fuel purpose and motivation Prepare for peak performance in any situation Develop adaptive agility to respond in fast-changing situations Provide exceptional client experiences, demonstrating fiduciary responsibility by clearly setting and exceeding goals Learn from your missions and take informed action to improve results 75 Minutes - Education Session | Greg Laurence, Charles Schwab Investment Management
Anthony ''AB'' Bourke, Mach 2 Consulting
New Standards for a Fiduciary World: Understanding CFP Board’s Revisions Why Attend Delve into changes the CFP Board made to its code of ethics and standards of conduct, and satisfy your ethics training requirement for 2018.  Session Details The new code of ethics and standards of conduct from the CFP Board, set to take effect on October 1, 2019, will expand the scope of the fiduciary standard that requires CFP® professionals to act in the best interest of the client when providing financial advice. In a professional development workshop session, a subject-matter expert will clarify the new rules and explain how to: Understand the significant changes to the standards and their effect on CFP professionals Act in accordance with the CFP Board’s fiduciary duty Apply the standards of practice when providing financial planning services Provide all disclosures the new standards require Recognize, avoid, or fully disclose and manage conflicts of interest 2 Hours | Daniel Candura, Candura Group, LLC
Next-Level Inclusion: Fostering Diversity to Build Your Business Why Attend Gain a deeper understanding of how important diversity is to your firm, and discover best practices for fostering greater inclusiveness. Session Details When it comes to increasing diversity and inclusion (D&I), many companies repeat the same processes yet expect different results. In a practical application session, find out how to break free of that cycle—by first focusing on the results you want—so that you can build an inclusive workforce and client experiences that will perpetuate continued diversity. Learn how to help you firm understand the importance of D&I, and find out: How to develop a framework for progressing with D&I plans What unconscious bias is and how it negatively impacts your business and culture Best practices for creating an inclusive environment 1 Hour - Education Session | Cynthia Owyoung, Charles Schwab & Co., Inc.
Nine Key Questions to Ask an ETF Provider Why Attend Gain a deeper understanding of how to assess and select the best ETF providers to help you manage your clients’ investments. Session Details Not all ETF providers are created equal—and there are more than 90 to choose from. How do you select the right one? Given that a 2018 Schwab ETF study shows over 90% of millennials view ETFs as their preferred investment vehicle, understanding how to differentiate among providers to attract and retain this new generation of investors is essential. Learn what factors to consider, including how to assess reputation, costs, tax efficiency, the approach to securities lending, product strategy, and other essential resources. This 30-minute session is scheduled to take place on The Exchange showcase stage.After the session, continue the conversation by visiting us in our booth. 30 Minutes – Showcase Stages | DJ Tierney, Charles Schwab Investment Management
Non-Obvious 2018: How to Predict the Future Join us for a keynote session with Rohit Bhargava, an authority on trends, marketing, and innovation, and founder of the Non-Obvious Company, , a consultancy that helps leaders and their teams see what others miss, enabling them to identify and seize new opportunities. 1 Hour | Rohit Bhargava, The Non-Obvious Company
People Power: Building Strong Teams to Overcome Hurdles Why Attend Discover how to improve teamwork and foster collaboration at your firm so that you can achieve greater success. Session Details People are the core component of every successful organization, yet they are often the most difficult element to manage. Firms of all sizes know that effective teamwork is critical to continued success. This practical application session will outline where teams go awry and offer specific steps they can take to get back on track, maximize results, and improve efficiency and effectiveness. Learn about best practices for overcoming: Unclear goals Redundant or confusing roles and responsibilities Breakdowns in communication Differing styles and approaches A lack of accountability and follow-through 2 Hours | Beverly Flaxington, The Collaborative
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