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12th Annual IMPACT Awards Presentation with Jon Beatty and Bernie Clark 12th Annual IMPACT Awards Presentation with Jon Beatty and Bernie Clark 30 Minutes | Jon Beatty, Charles Schwab & Co., Inc.
Bernie Clark, Charles Schwab & Co., Inc.
A Blueprint For The Future Of Financial Planning® Why Attend Find out how to target the growing number of retirees who will need financial advice in the coming decades and use MoneyGuidePro to develop strong plans that meet their needs.  Session Details Between now and 2040, the number of retirees will grow by 60 percent, creating an incredible opportunity for advisors who understand how to meet their clients’ needs. Discover how PIEtech’s MoneyGuidePro can help you make the client experience consistent, create strong financial plans, increase efficiency, and add value to the planning process based on your experience, knowledge, and relationships. Hear about the growth potential for financial planning, how to know and reach your target audience, and how to create a successful financial plan that will wow clients and gain you referrals. Seating for this session is at capacity, however standing room is still available. 30 Minutes – Showcase Stages | Chad Crouch, MoneyGuidePro, created by PIEtech, Inc.
Accumulating Wealth through Health Savings Accounts Why Attend Learn about the benefits of health savings accounts and how you can help your clients get the most out of them. Session Details Rising healthcare costs are a major concern for people near retirement. Health savings accounts are emerging as a central component of wealth accumulation strategies, while lawmakers are positioning them as a core element of healthcare reform. Advisors seeking to educate their clients about HSAs will learn from a subject-matter expert about their features and benefits, and discover: Strategies for maximizing their effectiveness How to incorporate them into fee-based planning How to evaluate HSA custodians and investment options 75 Minutes - Education Session | Peter Stahl, Bedrock Business Results
A Contrarian View of Global Markets Why Attend Learn how a non-consensus approach to investing – of managing risks first and returns later – can lead to both capital appreciation and capital preservation, in global equity markets. Session Details In a world of no, low, or negative bond yields, equity allocations are a good way to secure absolute returns. But equities come with risk, especially in the wake of their spectacular run-up since 2009. How can investors access the higher returns of this asset class without taking on higher risk?  Hear from one subject-matter expert who calls for an unconventional approach to global investing that prioritizes risk management over return management. You’ll come away with a better understanding of the pitfalls of global equity investing, where the risks lie, and how to maximize returns. This 30-minute session is scheduled to take place on The Exchange showcase stage. After the session, continue the conversation by visiting us in the Schwab Center.    Seating for this session is at capacity, however standing room is still available. 30 Minutes – Showcase Stages | Rupal Bhansali, Ariel Investments
A Conversation with Michael Lewis Join us for a keynote session in a conversation with Michael Lewis, best-selling author of The Undoing Project, Flash Boys, The Big Short, Liar's Poker, and Moneyball, among other works. 1 Hour | Michael Lewis, Author
Adapting Schwab Technology to Broaden Your Retirement Planning Practice Why Attend Discover how working with independent recordkeepers and using Schwab technologies can simplify corporate retirement plan advising, enabling you to grow your retirement practice in this lucrative market segment. Session Details You now have the opportunity to easily expand your retirement planning practice by helping corporate plan sponsors and participants better understand their plans and improve outcomes. Schwab technology can help you analyze retirement plans, investment, and participant data, and focus on actionable tasks. Learn how to spend less time managing data and more time on strategic work that delivers value to clients, such as helping increase the effectiveness of plans and boosting participant confidence. This 30-minute session is scheduled to take place on The Exchange showcase stage. After the session, continue the conversation by visiting us at the Schwab Retirement Technologies kiosk. Seating for this session is at capacity, however standing room is still available. 30 Minutes – Showcase Stages | Benjamin Lee, Schwab Retirement Technologies
Advanced Roth Conversion Strategies Why Attend Find out when it’s best to select a Roth IRA or a traditional IRA for clients and what strategies to consider when making a conversion.  Session Details Helping clients select a suitable IRA is one of an advisor’s most important tasks. Understanding the benefits and drawbacks of traditional and Roth IRAs is a key step in the process. A subject-matter expert will explain their similarities and differences, discuss when to make a conversion, and delve into: The tax equivalency principle and how to use tax rates to calculate the value of after-tax and pre-tax contributions Considerations and rules for using so-called “backdoor” and “mega backdoor” Roth IRA strategies Partial Roth conversion strategies and their tax planning flexibility  75 Minutes - Education Session | Michael Kitces, Nerd's Eye View | Pinnacle Advisory Group
Alternative Income with Private Real Estate Why Attend Join us for a discussion on current real estate market fundamentals and discover how to spot investment opportunities for your clients.  Session Details Real estate, the largest asset class after stocks and bonds, can generate yield and long-term capital appreciation, providing income-seeking investors with a range of opportunities. Learn how to evaluate these opportunities across metropolitan markets, examine the structural benefits of different investment vehicles that offer stabilized real estate, and position this asset  as a “yield alternative” that is less vulnerable to rate increases. In this session we will discuss: Current real estate market fundamentals How real estate assets may perform in various market conditions, including a rising-rate environment Socio-economic trends influencing real estate investment opportunities Common investment structures enabling investors to access real estate assets 75 Minutes - Education Session | A.J. Agarwal, Blackstone
Are We Really Worse Off? Why Attend Explore how today’s prevailing sentiments about the economic well-being of Americans leads to sub-optimal investment planning, and misses the practical meaning of economic data for clients.  Session Details The sentiment that most Americans are losing ground economically is widespread. Indeed, the most common measures of economic performance and, by extension, living standards, show troubling trends. But these measures are incomplete: they fail to capture the true economy and what economic trends practically mean for investors. Indeed, as we transition from the “terrestrial” to the “cyber” economy, the schism between the numbers and reality threaten to widen.  In this session, in which we will encourage audience participation, we will explore the following: What the numbers don’t tell us and put their interpretation into perspective How incomplete measurements can lead consumers and investors to make poor financial planning choices If wrongly interpreting the data should matter to individual investors, on a day-to-day level 1 Hour - Snapshot Session | Stephen Wendel, Morningstar, Inc.
Hal Ratner, Morningstar Investment Management
Asset Acquisition through Community Involvement and Charitable Planning Why Attend Learn how top advisors in the country use community involvement to drive their business with high net worth prospects and incorporate charitable planning into their wealth management strategy to deepen relationships with clients.   Session Details Have you thought about community involvement as a way to make a bigger impact? Have you discussed the benefits of charitable planning with your clients?  94% of high-net-worth households want to learn more about charitable giving, yet only 5% of those who have discussed the topic with their advisor report that the advisor initiated the conversation.* By being strategically involved in your community and incorporating philanthropy, you open the door for gathering assets in a meaningful way. Learn: Ways to build your brand and differentiate your practice through community involvement Strategies for client acquisition events that benefit your community and allow you to connect with ideal prospects in a meaningful setting How to engage with multi-generations of a family through philanthropic conversations; thereby cementing existing assets and garnering new, younger relationships How to incorporate charitable planning into your existing practice to help clients maximize the impact of their philanthropy   * The 2016 U.S. Trust Study of High Net Worth Philanthropy 75 Minutes - Education Session | Susan Kay, MFS Fund Distributors
Kim Laughton, Schwab Charitable
Avoiding Your Firm's Expiration by Creating a Sustainable Business Why Attend In this hands-on workshop, learn how to avoid a succession crisis by gaining a deep understanding of how to build a sustainable business through organic growth. Session Details Success and growth go hand-in-hand, but many small and midsize firms struggle to attract top talent. Rising overhead costs, heavier workloads, and client attrition leave many RIAs unable to grow and approaching expiration without a plan—a potential industry crisis. This workshop will make the case for organic growth and offer a fresh perspective on how to reverse the expiration trend through sustainability and talent acquisition. During the session, you will: Understand RIA-specific data about the industry’s succession crisis Hear from an industry leader who overcame succession issues Evaluate your business’ strengths and growth challenges Leave with tangible resources to help you create a sustainable business  1 Hour | James Blair, Moneta Group Investment Advisors
Patrick McGinnis, Moneta Group Investment Advisors
Thomas O'Meara, Moneta Group Investment Advisors
Kate Pexa, Charles Schwab & Co., Inc.
Becoming the Whole Family Advisor Why Attend During this pre-conference workshop, discover how to broaden your relationships with high-net-worth families to help them retain their wealth and grow your practice . Session Details Advisors working with wealthy families face several challenges: They must work across generations, retain assets, and identify growth opportunities for their businesses. In this three-hour workshop, a subject-matter expert will help advisors transition from a one-to-one to one-to-family relationships. Discover: How to retain these clients and assets and promote growth How advisors can prepare younger family members to become responsible stewards of their families’ wealth and legacy Tools for expanding and solidifying relationships with multi-generational family clients in order to be viewed as their trusted advisor Learn to speak Millennial and useful ways to engage this generation based on OppenheimerFunds exclusive research * Please note that space is limited to a maximum of 35 participants including advisors and team members. 3 Hr - Pre-conference Session | Richard Orlando, Ph. D., Legacy Capitals, in partnership with OppenheimerFunds, Inc.
Biagnostics™: Where Behavioral Finance Meets Client Experience Why Attend Learn how to incorporate behavioral finance into your practice with the Biagnostics™ framework from Charles Schwab Investment Management.  Session Details In today’s age of automated investing, a changing fiduciary landscape, and an impending multibillion dollar generational asset transfer, it’s more important than ever for financial advisors to master “human skills.” This brings behavioral finance—a field which seeks to combine psychology with economics to explain why investors make irrational financial decisions—to the forefront. In this session, you’ll learn how to apply Biagnostics, a behavioral finance-based framework to create an emotionally and financially customized client experience. Key learnings and action items: Identify and mitigate client investing biases Incorporate psychological and life stage needs in investing plans and communications Design client experiences that address psychological and financial needs Use Biagnostics tools to foster meaningful ongoing client conversations and long-term loyalty 75 Minutes - Education Session | Omar Aguilar, Ph.D., Charles Schwab Investment Management
Greg Laurence, CFP, CIMA, AIF, Charles Schwab Investment Management
Can We Talk? Why Attend Gain practical skills that will enable you to focus on the needs of new clients and engage in meaningful dialogue, even when conversations become emotionally charged. Session Details Engaging in sensitive conversations about wealth and life situations with new clients can be daunting for advisors. Many advisors focus on their firm’s capabilities and accomplishments, rather than the prospect’s needs and goals. Through role playing and exercises, practice the art of active listening, non-verbal communications, and mindfulness in a session that will help you: Encourage meaningful conversation while also maintaining control of meetings Enhance self-awareness and interpersonal skills to build effective relationships Understand various skills in the discovery process and their use in financial planning Deal with special situations such as grief and reluctance Improve client acquisition and retention 75 Minutes - Education Session | Deena Katz, Texas Tech University
Charles Schwab’s Fixed Income Platform: It’s All About You Why Attend Learn how Schwab’s fixed income platform can be tailored to suit your needs and help you build a successful portfolio.  Session Details Find out how Schwab can help you meet your fixed income portfolio goals—whether you want a hands-on experience or prefer to do it on your own with self-directed online tools. Two subject-matter experts will show you how to use the online platform to source, price, trade, and submit allocations; and partner with Schwab’s fixed income specialists for additional guidance on building portfolios and creating personalized prospecting reports. 30 Minutes | Jeffrey Flynn, Charles Schwab & Co., Inc.
Robert Malone, Charles Schwab & Co., Inc.
China: Too Risky to Invest in or Too Big to Ignore? Why Attend Recognize the risks and opportunities of investing in China and learn how to take advantage of the latter to broaden client portfolios. Session Details Investors are rethinking international allocations in their portfolios thanks to strong emerging-markets performance, especially in Asia. With the inclusion of Chinese A-shares in the MSCI indexes, China is now taking a bigger role on the world stage. A macroeconomist and two portfolio managers offer a framework for properly understanding the world’s second-largest economy and stock tactics for building portfolios to take advantage of secular trends. Learn: Why Asia should represent a bigger part of an investor’s portfolio China’s growing importance in investing strategies How to generate attractive returns with the correct exposure while also mitigating volatility   75 Minutes - Education Session | Andy Rothman, Matthews Asia
Kenneth Lowe, Matthews Asia
Tiffany Hsiao, Matthews Asia
College Savings and the Planning Conversation Why Attend Learn how engaging your clients in college savings discussions not only contributes to their holistic financial plan, but to your bottom line as well. Session Details The numbers are scary. The over $1.45 trillion in student loan debt in this country now exceeds the total U.S. credit card debt. A 2016 college graduate carries an average of just over $37,000 in loan debt. The majority of your clients face concerns over college costs, whether they’re parents who are helping pay for college or young adults whose lives are affected by their college debt load. Who are they turning to for solutions?  How does paying for college impact retirement planning? Learn how to deepen client relationships and increase referrals by integrating college savings into the planning discussion. Discover financial planning tips and business building techniques from a top 529 College Savings Plan producer.    This 30-minute session is scheduled to take place on The Exchange showcase stage. After the session, continue the conversation by visiting us in the Schwab Center.    Seating for this session is at capacity, however standing room is still available. 30 Minutes – Showcase Stages | Winnie Sun, Sun Group Wealth Partners
Competing in The Age of Vanguard Why Attend Discover how to outwit, outplay, and outlast competitors in a rapidly evolving business landscape that is being recast by financial technology. Session Details Fintech is disrupting the world as advisors know it. From robo-advisors and turnkey asset management programs, to Vanguard’s Personal Advisor Services, technology is changing the way clients interact with and view advisors—and the way advisors must respond to survive. Hear from one visionary who will show you how to ride the sea change, including: Six rules for delivering financial advice in a world where geography and pricing are being upended Staggering facts about your competitors Staying relevant in 2017 and beyond Understanding what clients value and how to charge for it 75 Minutes - Education Session | Joe Duran, United Capital
Compliance Update: Protecting Your Firm in a Complex Environment Why Attend Stay on top of the latest regulatory changes and issues to manage compliance and safeguard your firm. Session Details As the regulatory oversight environment continues to evolve, advisors must keep abreast of changing conditions to manage compliance risk. Learn about the latest developments and what to watch for, including: New SEC Form ADV and record-keeping requirements in effect as of October 2017 Recent exam alerts Developments at the SEC Enforcement actions against advisors 75 Minutes - Education Session | John Walsh, Eversheds Sutherland (US) LLP
Conquering Compliance and Cybersecurity with the Right Technology Why Attend Learn how to best address cybersecurity and compliance by leveraging technology and savvy business practices. Session Details Hardly a day goes by without news of a data breach. How do you handle the growing frequency of cyberattacks and more stringent regulatory requirements without exhausting your firm’s resources? Find out how to gauge your risk and integrate your technology to intelligently manage cybersecurity and compliance obligations. Come away with a solid understanding of the challenges and requirements advisors face, how to use technology to protect your firm, and ways to leverage technology to stay ahead of cyber threats and regulations. This 30-minute session is scheduled to take place on The Exchange showcase stage. After the session, continue the conversation by visiting us in the Schwab Center.   Seating for this session is at capacity, however standing room is still available. 30 Minutes – Showcase Stages | Justin Kapahi, External IT
Creating Impactful Client Proposals Why Attend Find out how customized, data-rich proposals can have an impact on clients by engaging their attention and answering their questions.   Session Details Are your proposals compelling? Help clients reach their financial goals by first understanding and appreciating the investment data and strategies you provide. A Schwab subject-matter expert will demonstrate how you can use the complimentary Investment Proposal Center (IPC) tool, powered by Informa Investment Solutions, at to develop rich, detailed proposals. Discover how to research and analyze thousands of money managers and investment products using Morningstar data. Provide clients with highly integrated analytics, including Monte Carlo simulations and proposed asset allocations based on mean-variance optimization. You can also customize client proposals with commentary, branding materials, and other information. 1 Hour | Dustin Sventy, HANTZ FINANCIAL SERVICES INC
Matthew Peake, Charles Schwab & Co., Inc.
Current Developments in Estate Planning Why Attend Help your clients with their estate planning by understanding the latest regulatory and legislative changes affecting wealth transfer. Session Details How do you help clients with estate planning in light of tax reform efforts and continually changing government regulations? Changes to estate and gift taxes are likely to be folded into tax reform. Stay up-to-date on the latest developments as an expert on federal income, estate, and gift taxation explains the current regulatory and legislative environment. Find out how to best assist your clients under the new rules in a session that will focus on: The “new normal” in estate planning given the estate exemption, lifetime gifting, and portability Potential consequences for life planning and death planning How to better partner with estate-planning centers of influence 75 Minutes | Samuel Donaldson, Georgia State University College of Law
Cyberattacks: Are You and Your Firm Protected Against the Threat? Why Attend Learn why your firm may be vulnerable to cyberattacks and what steps you can take to protect your business and your clients.  Session Details Is your business prepared for a potential cyberattack? Despite the growing number of such incidents around the world, many firms haven’t taken steps to adequately defend themselves. It may be possible to restore lost or stolen data, but salvaging your reputation after a corporate breach is far more difficult. A retired Marine Corps general with experience in all things cyber will discuss: The differences between cyber defense, cyberattack, and cyber warfare—and what they mean to your firm The latest developments in information technology security and how they can be used to thwart cyberattacks How countries, businesses, and individuals can protect themselves 1 Hour - Education Session | Gen. Peter Pace, USMC (Ret.), Chairman, Joint Chiefs of Staff (2005-2007)
Deliver More for Your Clients with Today’s Leading Technologies Addepar’s portfolio management platform is cloud-based, automated, secure, fast, and scalable - and recently announced that its deepening its integration with Schwab by joining OpenView Gateway®. Join this session to learn more about how you can gain efficiencies by automating manual processes and spend time on what matters most: investment analysis, advising, and building stronger client relationships. 30 Minutes – Showcase Stages | Dan Bookstaber, Addepar
Demystifying Cybersecurity: Best Practices to Help Jump-Start Your Program Why Attend Stay on top of cybersecurity best practices to protect your firm—whether you’re building your first plan or upgrading an existing one. Session Details Every firm needs a strong cybersecurity program. Do you know where to start? If you already have a plan, is it as comprehensive and robust as it should be? Every firm can benefit from using the latest best practices and comprehensive tools. Learn how to build a vigorous cybersecurity program in a session that will cover: The current cybersecurity landscape, including the regulatory environment Elements of a strong cybersecurity program Key best practices you can use to enhance your firm’s efforts Schwab tools and resources to help you build and maintain an effective program    75 Minutes - Education Session | Adam Moseley, Schwab Advisor Services
Developing Talent Through Mentorship and Coaching Why Attend Retaining top talent is an important driver of growth for firms. And because talented people continuously seek opportunities to grow personally and professionally, it’s important for principals to inspire a culture of development within their teams. An integral component of that culture is a mentorship program that can engage, inspire and prepare future firm leaders. Session Details This session will offer: An understanding of how to identify and develop high-potential talent to ensure a powerful legacy for your business Ideas about strong components of a mentorship program that focuses on developing sustainable leadership in your firm Strategies to help you implement a long-lasting culture of talent development at your firm 75 Minutes - Education Session | Nikolee Turner, Charles Schwab & Co., Inc.
Developing the Next Generation of Talent through Internships Why Attend Learn how to attract new, inexperienced talent to your firm to develop the next generation of advisors. Session Details Internships are an important avenue for training the next generation of advisors and creating a talent pipeline that can help your firm and the industry continue to grow. Find out how to develop an effective and competitive internship program, and hear from faculty, firm leaders, and students who will share their internship experiences and best practices in a session that will cover:  Advantages of internship programs for firms and students  Steps to establishing a program that will attract top-notch students  Tips for achieving your desired outcomes, including career path options for successful interns   * This session will be held in conjunction with a networking luncheon for students, faculty, and advisors. 75 Minutes - Education Session | John Salter, Evensky & Katz
Benjamin Hayes, Wipfli Hewins Investment Advisors
Linda Lepe, University of Wisconsin - Madison
Deena Katz, Texas Tech University
Bradley Losson, Charles Schwab & Co., Inc.
Differentiate Yourself: Identify, Define and Promote Your Unique Value in Our Evolving Industry Why Attend Explore how to frame and promote your unique value and competitive advantage in a way that will attract new clients and retain existing ones. Session Details How do you differentiate yourself from competitors? This age-old question has taken on a new twist in light of low-cost personal advisory services, the latest threat to the financial services industry. With the advent of inexpensive asset allocation, investment management, and financial planning services offered as commodities, full-service advisors must demonstrate their differences and superiority. Find out how to showcase your firm in a session that will help you: Clearly differentiate yourself from the competition Identify and define a unique value proposition Transform your value proposition into an elevator pitch Consistently promote your value through multiple communication channels 75 Minutes - Education Session | James Mooreland, The Emotional Investor
Do Advances In Technology Condemn Commodities? Why Attend Understand how new technologies continue to change the commodities sector and how the shift affects you and your clients.  Session Details Technological advances such as hydraulic fracturing have increased accessible supplies of industrial commodities, while similar progress in agriculture has enhanced crop yields to levels considered impossible 100 years ago. Does this create a persistent headwind for commodity investors? Learn how productivity gains affect spot returns and futures returns, whether there are comparable effects on traditional assets such as stocks, and how changing technologies are affecting pricing and investing in the commodities sector. This 30-minute session is scheduled to take place on The Exchange showcase stage. After the session, continue the conversation by visiting USCF on the Exchange Floor.    ​Seating for this session is at capacity, however standing room is still available. 30 Minutes – Showcase Stages | Kurt Nelson, SummerHaven Investment Management
Does International Investing Still Make Sense? Why Attend Explore the case for global diversification of client portfolios in the midst of a period of dominance for U.S. stocks. Session Details Are your clients better off with a portfolio that’s concentrated in U.S. stocks, given the juggernaut of the U.S. stock market in recent years, or should they maintain a broadly diversified portfolio that includes international equities? Two subject-matter experts will make the case, based on research, for why global allocations make more sense than ever in a rapidly changing world. Learn how to improve portfolio results by understanding the new geography of investing, including the: Role of international investing in portfolios Correct asset allocation to improve client outcomes New meaning of “global” in today’s environment Latest recommendations for optimizing international exposure 75 Minutes - Education Session | Sunder Ramkumar, Capital Group, home of American Funds
Joanna Jonsson, Capital Group, home of American Funds
Dysfunction and Distress in Illinois: A Tale of Caution and Opportunity Why Attend Hear an update on the current credit situation in Illinois, and gain insights that will help you assess the quality of municipal bond managers’ research capabilities. Session Description Was the credit distress in Illinois clearly visible before it made national headlines? Definitely. Is your municipal bond manager equipped to have seen the signs? Maybe. States are typically creditworthy and stable sources of muni bonds, but the credit debacle in Illinois highlights how a combination of factors — namely, economic downturns, funding priorities, laws, tax systems, and governance — can derail state credit quality and trickle down, creating opportunities and potholes for local governments. Two subject-matter experts will explain: The key drivers that added short-term and long-term pressures on Illinois How government dysfunction led to a fiscal management crisis  A muni credit research approach that enables investors to find value and avoid issues  75 Minutes - Education Session | Michael Johnson, Gurtin Municipal Bond Management
John Humphrey, Gurtin Municipal Bond Management
EDTalks: Aging Clients Dig into the questions and issues that matter most to you. EdTalks are hour-long, hosted conversations in The Exchange that amplify education session topics. Join with a small group of peers to share insights, learn more, and explore new possibilities. 1 Hour - Education Session |
EDTalks: Branding and Marketing Dig into the questions and issues that matter most to you. EDTalks are hour-long, hosted conversations in The Exchange that amplify education session topics. Join with a small group of peers to share insights, learn more, and explore new possibilities. 1 Hour - Education Session |
EDTalks: COI and Social Media Dig into the questions and issues that matter most to you. EDTalks are hour-long, hosted conversations in The Exchange that amplify education session topics. Join with a small group of peers to share insights, learn more, and explore new possibilities. 1 Hour - Education Session |
EDTalks: Digital Marketing Dig into the questions and issues that matter most to you. EdTalks are hour-long, hosted conversations in The Exchange that amplify education session topics. Join with a small group of peers to share insights, learn more, and explore new possibilities. 1 Hour - Education Session |
EDTalks: Engaging Your Community Dig into the questions and issues that matter most to you. EdTalks are hour-long, hosted conversations in The Exchange that amplify education session topics. Join with a small group of peers to share insights, learn more, and explore new possibilities. 1 Hour - Education Session |
EDTalks: International Investing Dig into the questions and issues that matter most to you. EdTalks are hour-long, hosted conversations in The Exchange that amplify education session topics. Join with a small group of peers to share insights, learn more, and explore new possibilities. 1 Hour - Education Session |
EDTalks: Internships Dig into the questions and issues that matter most to you. EDTalks are hour-long, hosted conversations in The Exchange that amplify education session topics. Join with a small group of peers to share insights, learn more, and explore new possibilities. 1 Hour - Education Session |
EDTalks: Next Generation Leaders Dig into the questions and issues that matter most to you. EDTalks are hour-long, hosted conversations in The Exchange that amplify education session topics. Join with a small group of peers to share insights, learn more, and explore new possibilities. 1 Hour - Education Session |
EDTalks: Talent Development Dig into the questions and issues that matter most to you. EdTalks are hour-long, hosted conversations in The Exchange that amplify education session topics. Join with a small group of peers to share insights, learn more, and explore new possibilities. 1 Hour - Education Session |
ESG, Sustainability, And Investing For Impact: Why Everyone Is Suddenly Talking About It Why Attend Find out how ESG investing can benefit your clients and how to develop strategies for successfully deploying the approach in their portfolios.  Session Details In today’s connected world, your clients have ready access to information about market trends. Advisors are increasingly facing questions about non-traditional approaches such as investing based on environmental, social, and corporate governance (ESG) metrics, which is growing in popularity. A subject-matter expert will discuss the tools you need to create a thesis based on ESG and socially responsible investing. Learn how to convey a strategy to clients in jargon-free language that will convince them of the merits of “investing for impact”—and keep them coming back to you for further insight. This 30-minute session is scheduled to take place on The Exchange showcase stage. After the session, continue the conversation by visiting the Schwab Center or Mirova/Natixis Global Asset Management on the Exchange floor. Seating for this session is at capacity, however standing room is still available. 30 Minutes – Showcase Stages | Jens Peers, Mirova
Fiduciary (R)Evolution Why Attend Hear from three leaders in financial services on recent and future changes to fiduciary standards and whether and how you and your firm may be impacted.  Session Details What are you required to do under various fiduciary standards? How do they apply to advisors in financial planning, wealth management, and retirement planning?  As the Department of Labor, SEC, CFP Board, and the states adopt or consider different definitions and requirements, the lines are being blurred between investment advisors and broker-dealers. In an expert panel discussion led by Charles Schwab & Co.’s general counsel, Christopher Gilkerson, learn: The latest developments with the standard along with practical guidance Threats and opportunities facing investment advisors of different stripes Potential future impacts on the industry 75 Minutes - Education Session | Blaine Aikin, Certified Financial Planner Board of Standards, Inc.
Karen Barr, Investment Adviser Association
Ira Hammerman, Securities Industry and Financial Markets Association
Christopher Gilkerson, Charles Schwab & Co., Inc.
Final Night Event Join us for the final night event, featuring Leon Bridges. 3 Hours |
Finding Today’s Top Talent to Build for Tomorrow’s Success Why Attend Learn how to recruit and retain a diverse team of high-performing employees to foster long-term success for your firm.  Session Details A company is only as strong as the employees who work for it. Building a diverse and accomplished team is a crucial element of success in today’s competitive market, but the process requires focus and determination. A top business journalist will lead a panel that includes subject-matter experts from the advisory world and academia in a discussion about techniques, strategies, and best practices for hiring and retaining top talent and building gender and cultural diversity at your firm.     75 Minutes - Education Session | Deena Katz, Texas Tech University
Pattie Sellers, SellersEaston Media and Veteran Fortune Writer and Editor
Jocelyn Wright, The American College
Generating Income In A New Rate Regime: Equity Income Through ESG And Fixed Income Opportunities Why Attend What happened in the past, may not work going forward - find out how to think differently about generating income in both equity and fixed income portfolios during this new rate regime and utilizing ESG as a factor in equity portfolios. Session Details After 4 decades of falling interest rates, advisors face a new landscape of rising or sideways rates. Generating sustainable income may entail considering new strategies: Learn from Edward Kerschner, Chief Portfolio Strategist at Columbia Threadneedle Investments and adjunct professor at NYU Stern about: How equity income may be achieved through a multifactor approach Why ESG as a factor can be an indication of a sustainable income and how doing well and doing good aren’t mutually exclusive in today’s market Why broadening your fixed-income opportunity set should be balanced with managing yield, quality and liquidity  1 Hour - Snapshot Session | Edward Kerschner, Columbia Threadneedle Investments
Global Portfolio Management: Building In Currency Valuations Why Attend Delve into the impact of currency valuations on global investments, the approaches and tools available to help you, and the reasons why the U.S. dollar may have already peaked in the current market cycle. Session Details How much weight are you giving to currency cycles when making global allocation decisions? Gain a better understanding of the trade-offs to consider when allocating globally, the affect of historical USD cycles on global fixed income, and the options for making allocations outside of base currency. Advisors will learn the critical nature of currency valuations and the methodologies and tools for currency management. A subject-matter expert will also make the case for why the USD has peaked in the current cycle and where current opportunities lie. This 30-minute session is scheduled to take place on The Exchange showcase stage. After the session, continue the conversation by visiting the Schwab Center or Brandywine Globa/Legg Mason on the Exchange floor. Seating for this session is at capacity, however standing room is still available. 30 Minutes – Showcase Stages | Richard Lawrence, Brandywine Global Investment Management
Gray Divorce: Threat or Opportunity Why Attend Learn how to effectively help and retain female clients going through a divorce later in life. Session Details A seismic transfer of wealth from men to women is underway as the divorce rate for people over age 50 grows at double the general divorce rate in America. Women are expected to control two-thirds of the nation’s wealth by the year 2030. Learn how to better serve clients through this difficult life transition in a session that will help you: Develop stronger client relationships by understanding the unique psychology related to late-life divorce Work effectively with attorneys and clients to develop sustainable settlement options Avoid the pitfalls of equitable distribution, including those related to closely held businesses, low-basis stock, and lump-sum distributions Steer clients away from devastating long-term financial mistakes 75 Minutes - Education Session | Haleh Moddasser, Stearns Financial Group
Growing Firms: The Evolution of Technology, Operations, and the Client Experience - An Advisor Panel Why Attend Find out from a panel of pioneering advisors how they tackle the continual challenges of keeping up with evolving technology, generating operational efficiency, managing rising client expectations, and safeguarding against cybersecurity threats.   Session Details Are you making a herculean effort to keep pace with the ever-increasing demands of maintaining your firm? As firms grow organically and through acquisition, they face technology and operational challenges. A panel of advisors who’ve “been there, done that” will share their experiences of modernizing technology, scaling the back office to increase efficiency and reduce fraud, and elevating the client experience. You’ll also learn how Schwab’s technology solutions are addressing these issues to help your firm grow. Gain: Perspectives on how to evolve your technology platforms Understanding of how client and employee experiences will change when you adopt digital solutions for the back and middle office Heightened awareness of what technology capabilities to consider Details on Schwab and partner solutions to explore in The Exchange 75 Minutes - Education Session | Dan Jurgovan, JMG Financial Group, Ltd.
Karen Sandnes, Mariner Wealth Advisors
Ed Obuchowski, Charles Schwab & Co., Inc.
How Client Engagement is Being Disrupted Why Attend Understand the trends that are impacting how you will need to engage your clients and learn how to respond so that you aren’t just keeping up, but leading the charge. Session Details Client engagement is being disrupted and most of that change can be seen outside of the industry, where your clients live and work every day.  During this session, you’ll learn about the specific trends that will disrupt how you engage with clients and walk through a step-by-step plan to respond.  You’ll walk away with a plan to re-imagine your client experience in a way that reflects the needs of your ideal clients, is co-created and is personalized.  Drawing on research from inside and outside the advisor industry, a subject-matter expert will discuss: Tools advisors can use to improve client engagement Key trends that affect how advisors engage with clients How to design a client journey that will differentiate you, engage clients and support increased referrals. 75 Minutes - Education Session | Julie Littlechild, Absolute Engagement
How to Harness Digital Wealth Management to Connect with Next-Gen Clients while Driving Efficiency and Growth Why Attend Delve into the impact of robo-advising on wealth management and how your firm can ride the wave to drive growth and connect with clients. As robo-advice becomes the norm, advisors need to develop a clear sense where digital plugs into the traditional. Session Details The wealth management industry has won the robo-advisor revolution, says one global research firm, but the effect of robo-advising on how firms operate and connect with clients is still in the nascent stages. The largest investment firms worldwide are now deploying digital wealth management strategies with their retail and high-net-worth clients. Gain a unique perspective on how this innovation has changed the nature of your business and what you can do to adopt digital wealth technology and stand out from the competition. This session will cover how to: Leverage the technology in light of the fiduciary standard and new client expectations Integrate it as a channel strategy and manage brand issues Use innovation as a transformation strategy and differentiator to drive growth, efficiency, and client connection 75 Minutes - Education Session | Lex Sokolin, Autonomous Research
Inspiring and Influencing Others Around You Why Attend Learn how to influence the behavior of your colleagues and clients by recognizing and respecting their contributions. Session Details Traditionally, leaders have been taught how to encourage and challenge others to motivate and inspire them.Taking that a step further, leaders who are admired make an effort to recognize the specific contributions of others to spur the kind of behavioral change that benefits everybody involved. Discover: A new set of behavioral routines for offering rewards, encouragement, and praise to your employees and clients How to influence others by how you “show up” stylistically A framework for crafting compelling messages 1 Hour - Education Session | Suzanne Peterson, CRA Inc.
Institutional Finals: Preparation and Execution Why Attend Learn practical tips for increasing your success rate with RFPs and for approaching, and being more effective in, the institutional finals presentation. Session Details Institutional consultants may work a prospect for months or years to receive a request for proposal (RFP) and the opportunity to progress to a finals presentation, knowing that at any time they can be cut.  A subject-matter expert will discuss how novice and seasoned professionals alike can improve their prospects for success at each stage, from completing an RFP to submitting it to winning the business. Discover: Practical tips for improving your success rate with RFPs. What works and what does not work, based on case studies and experience. Top 10 do's and don’ts for increasing your success rate in the finals presentation. 1 Hour - Snapshot Session | Patrick Schussman, Aristotle
Institutional Intelligent Portfolios®: Automated Investing Tailored to Your Business Why Attend Learn about Institutional Intelligent Portfolios®, an automated investment management tool for advisors, and about upcoming enhancements. Session Details Do you struggle to efficiently manage your smaller clients? Schwab’s automated investment management tool can help. A subject-matter expert will demonstrate how to take advantage of Institutional Intelligent Portfolios®, discuss recent and upcoming enhancements that will make the tool more adaptable and user-friendly, and cover the resources available to advisors who want to learn more. This 30-minute session is scheduled to take place on The Exchange showcase stage. After the session, continue the conversation by visiting us in the Schwab Center.    30 Minutes | Martin Prazak, Charles Schwab & Co., Inc.
Integrating Responsible Investing into Client Portfolios Why Attend Delve into the current investor demand for responsible investing and learn how to capture new assets with RI investment strategies. Session Details Investor interest in responsible investing has ballooned in recent years, especially among women and millennials, two traditionally hard-to-reach segments for advisors. Gain a thorough understanding of today’s variety of sustainable strategies, portfolios, investments, and styles so that you’re prepared to intelligently discuss RI with your clients. Learn how to: Understand the fundamentals of responsible investing Deconstruct the myths and implementation hurdles of RI strategies Recognize the growing demand, expand your knowledge of RI, and market your expertise Identify socially responsible investors Integrate RI strategies into client portfolios 1 Hour - Education Session | Marcus Velasco, Nuveen Investments
Interactive Ethics Why Attend Gain a deeper understanding of the CFP Board’s advisor ethics requirements for 2017 using polls, games, and case studies.  Session Details Understanding the ethical conduct that guides the wealth management industry is a must for every advisor. In a two-hour interactive session based on four case studies, a subject-matter expert will cover the six learning objectives required by the CFP Board for ethics training in 2017. Attendees will learn how to: Define a financial planning engagement Analyze facts to determine if a planning relationship exists Differentiate between standards of care Apply practice standards to a hypothetical agreement Identify information that must be disclosed to a client in writing Define the required information that must be disclosed to prospects and clients, and when this should occur 2 Hr - Ext Education Session | Dan Candura, CFP, Candura Group LLC
Introducing Schwab Advisor StreetSmart Edge(TM) Why Attend Find out how to enhance your pulse on the market by utilizing Schwab's latest offering customized for advisors: Schwab Advisor StreetSmart Edge Session Details Keeping a pulse on the markets and on your client holdings can be challenging with information available from a myriad of sources, often in static form.  Schwab Advisor StreetSmart Edge can help.  Derived from Schwab’s flagship StreetSmart Edge® application, Schwab Advisor StreetSmart edge offers a number of features and tools to help you and your employees’ portfolio management needs.  In this session, you’ll learn how to: Control overall access for your employees.  Schwab Advisor StreetSmart Edge offers varying levels of functionality and market data packages, allowing you to ensure your practice has the right access it needs to maximize benefits and minimize cost. Customize your Schwab Advisor StreetSmart Edge experience.  The platform is cloud-based, offering inherent flexibility when it comes to operating system, web browser, even saving your settings. Leverage the advantages of the platform’s many available tools to help you gain insight into the markets, monitor holdings, explore opportunities, and when ready, take appropriate action.   This 30-minute session is scheduled to take place on The Exchange showcase stage. After the session, continue the conversation by visiting us in the Schwab Center.    30 Minutes | Heath Batz, Charles Schwab & Co., Inc.
Investment Solutions for High-Net-Worth and Ultra-High-Net-Worth Families Why Attend Gain insight into three investment solutions to meet the unique needs of ultra-high net worth investors who own have concentrated stock positions.     Session Details Ultra-high net worth families have complex financial situations. Investment Advisors who serve these clients must create customized and holistic plans to meet their unique needs, especially if those families have a significant portion of their wealth concentrated among a few stocks.    Learn about strategies to reduce stock concentration risk, achieve diversification, and meet philanthropic objectives. In a case study format, three subject matter experts will help attendees develop a framework to meet the needs of these investors. The speakers will explore the pros and cons of various solutions and identify considerations for implementing the solutions together in an overall financial plan. Options strategies may help investors to reduce the downside risk of owning concentrated stock positions Private exchange funds may help to diversify single stock risk, without incurring immediate tax consequences if the position were to be sold in the public market Donor advised funds and charitable remainder trusts may help to achieve philanthropic and charitable objectives, while also taking advantage of gifting and estate planning benefits 75 Minutes - Education Session | Howard Nifoussi, Goldman Sachs Asset Management
James O'Hanlon, Charles Schwab & Co., Inc.
Stephanie Diamond, Schwab Charitable
Is the Tail Wagging the Dog? Do High-Yield Bond ETFs Drive High-Yield Bond Liquidity? Why Attend Gain insight into the shifting dynamics of the high yield bond ETF market and delve into the variables advisors need to understand before investing. Session Details Fixed income ETFs have fundamentally altered the way bonds trade, giving investors greater access to bond markets than in the past and with lower costs. Learn how high-yield bond ETFs can help you allocate to a variety of exposures in a cost-effective manner, the characteristics to consider before allocating to high-yield bond ETFs, and gain a better understanding of the explicit and implicit trading costs. This 30-minute session is scheduled to take place on The Exchange showcase stage. After the session, continue the conversation by visiting Deutsche Asset Management on the Exchange Floor.    ​Seating for this session is at capacity, however standing room is still available. 30 Minutes – Showcase Stages | Luke Oliver, Deutsche Asset Management
Is Your Firm Ready for the Fintech Wave? Why Attend Find out how technology is changing financial services, and how you can implement fintech strategies at your firm.  Session Details The financial services industry is undergoing a profound transformation at every level, from its underlying infrastructure to the middle office and the client experience. Artificial intelligence, augmented reality, and blockchain (a secure, digital ledger in which transactions are validated and executed without a central authority) are among the technologies that startups, and media and technology companies are employing to disrupt the financial services industry. Delve into: Changes the industry will undergo by 2025 How a proprietary unifying framework can help your firm benefit from fintech How to create a fintech blueprint tailored to the needs of your firm and its clients 75 Minutes - Education Session | Lex Sokolin, Autonomous Research
Junxure Cloud CRM: Automate Better Client Service Why Attend Explore the ways in which Junxure software can help you automatically trigger workflows and prevent tasks from slipping through the cracks, allowing you to better serve clients while cost-effectively meeting new compliance requirements.  Session Details Firms of all sizes need customer-relationship management (CRM) software to handle day-to-day challenges and responsibilities. Junxure Cloud’s automation tools can trigger workflows and make sure actions show up automatically on the right person’s to-do list, allowing firms to offer better, more consistent client service. A subject-matter expert will explain how managing your firm’s data in one place can help you improve clients’ experiences and achieve greater profitability Learn how Junxure software enables you to deal with compliance, performance tracking, and other tasks more efficiently. Gain a closer look at the integration with Schwab OpenView Gateway™, which delivers a seamless process for sharing data. This 30-minute session is scheduled to take place on The Exchange showcase stage. After the session, continue the conversation by visiting us in the Schwab Center.    Seating for this session is at capacity, however standing room is still available. 30 Minutes – Showcase Stages | Robert DeFrancis, Junxure
Keynote Session Join us for our afternoon keynote session. 1 Hour |
Keynote Session Opening Remarks by Bernie Clark, A Conversation with Walt Bettinger Keynote Session Opening Remarks by Bernie Clark, A Conversation with Walt Bettinger 30 Minutes | Bernie Clark, Charles Schwab & Co., Inc.
Walt Bettinger, The Charles Schwab Corporation
Limiting Downside Risk: Modernize Your Approach to Portfolio Construction Why Attend Stay on top of the strategies and technologies that can help you construct risk-aware portfolios. Session Details In today’s rapidly evolving wealth-management industry, increased market uncertainty means the best offense may be a good defense when it comes to portfolio construction. Strategies that limit downside capture may protect against losses, and potentially produce higher cumulative returns over the long term. Gain an understanding of: Industry forces driving the evolution of portfolio construction Why traditional 60/40 portfolios may be riskier than you think How interest-rate volatility can affect portfolios Portfolio-construction technologies that can mitigate downside risk 75 Minutes - Education Session | Mark Peterson, BlackRock
Brett Mossman, BlackRock
Salim Ramji, BlackRock
Make Banking Your Tool for Success in Holistic Wealth Management Why Attend Learn how banking can be one of your best tools for closing a prospect, deepening relationships, and helping you differentiate your firm by building a more holistic offer. Session Details An expert panel will share key concepts about the banking industry and strategies for how to leverage a bank as a competitive advantage for your advising offer. Panelists will compare banking and brokerage options and share real-life examples of advisors who have worked with banks to win large clients. Find out how to: Work with Charles Schwab Bank® to deliver an appealing and a comprehensive solution to prospective clients Differentiate your practice by deepening your relationship with a client through building more touch points with client assets Better understand deposit, lending, and trust services offered by banks, including how to leverage pledged asset lines (PALs)  1 Hour - Snapshot Session | William Bell, Charles Schwab & Co., Inc.
Tim Oden, Charles Schwab & Co., Inc.
Ed Reznick, Charles Schwab Trust Company of Delaware
Christian Rodriguez, Charles Schwab Bank
Paul Woolway, Charles Schwab & Co., Inc.
Markets, Central Bank Policy and Your Portfolio Why Attend Gain insight from a renowned thinker about where global markets are headed and how you can discover opportunities and generate income. Session Details Amid a shifting global economic and political landscape, just about anything—from a disappointing earnings report to the opaque comments of a central banker—can send tremors through the market, presenting a major challenge for investors seeking to maintain stable portfolios. Market visionary Jeffrey Gundlach will share his unconventional ideas about the state of global markets and central bank policy in a session and Q&A that will offer: New ideas for investing in today’s market environment and opportunities to generate income A deeper  understanding about which sectors to avoid A prediction about where interest rates may be headed this year Please note: Advisor attendees will be given priority attendance for this session. 1 Hour - Education Session | Jeffrey Gundlach, Doubleline
Maximizing Employee Output with a Strong Compensation Plan Why Attend Discover how to get the most out of your firm’s human capital with a well-structured compensation plan that drives performance.  Session Details Are your employees inspired to help your business thrive? The most successful and competitive firms in the industry use well-designed compensation plans to attract and retain top talent, motivate people to deliver strong results, and tie their rewards to the firm’s success in reaching its goals. A subject-matter expert will discuss: Creating a compensation plan philosophy Developing compensation strategies suited to different generations Components of successful compensation plans Devising an incentive plan Relevant case studies 75 Minutes - Education Session | Kelli Cruz, Cruz Consulting Group
Merger and Acquisitions Panel Why Attend Learn about the current merger and acquisition market and successful strategies that can better prepare you and your firm for opportunities in the future. Session Details As the wealth management industry matures and firms seek additional growth strategies, merger and acquisition planning may be a consideration to fuel long-term growth plans. In this session, Schwab and other key industry leaders discuss: the current state of the market the driving forces behind its trends the growing ecosystem and expanded opportunities for buyers and sellers how advisors can better prepare for future opportunities 75 Minutes - Education Session | David Selig, Advice Dynamics Partners
Neal Simon, Bronfman Rothschild
Rush Benton, CAPTRUST Financial Advisors
Nick Georgis, Charles Schwab & Co., Inc.
MIT AgeLab/8000 Days of Retirement: A Phase of Life Waiting to be Invented Why Attend Steer your retirement clients toward proper financial planning by helping them gain the right perspective on the next stage of their lives. Session Details Do your clients view retirement accurately? With rising life expectancies, this chapter of life could stretch 8,000 days—or 20 years—maybe longer. When viewed alongside other life phases, such as birth to college graduation and the latter to middle age, it’s evident that this next stage is complex and offers multiple possibilities. Find out how to guide clients toward proper financial planning by: Anticipating what they may face in the four phases of retirement Helping create a life story in which they are the central character Evolving your approach to serve as a curator of a largely uncharted life phase while also maintaining your value as a financial expert 75 Minutes - Education Session | John Diehl, Hartford Funds
Modern Wealth: It’s Not Just About Money Why Attend Find out why Americans with financial advisors tend to have a broader view of what constitutes wealth and how that mindset affects the way you should deliver the modern client experience.  Session Details For many people with financial advisors, wealth is about more than achieving specific monetary goals or status symbols. It also includes the role community and friends play in their lives. A subject-matter expert will use Schwab’s Modern Wealth Index study as a springboard to reveal new insights into what drives the mindset of people who hire advisors. Learn: How people’s view of wealth is changing Why those with advisors are more likely to “lean into” the monetary aspect of their lives than people without advisors How to develop a broader view of your clients’ overall life experience when  advising them about monetary goals 1 Hour - Snapshot Session | Lilah Koski, Koski Research
Move Money More Securely and Efficiently with Electronic Authorization and Remote Check Deposit Why Attend Learn about the latest tools that will enable you to move money electronically with security, speed and efficiency. Session Details Moving Money is an essential way you support your clients. Learn how you can streamline the steps and improve the experience both for your clients and for your operational staff.  This session will highlight the ways our online tools can enhance the security, speed, efficiency and accuracy of deposits, checks, journals, and wires. We’ll demonstrate new features like our expanded eApproval for checks and online check deposit, as well as upcoming enhancements that you can take advantage of to help your clients. This 30-minute session is scheduled to take place on The Exchange showcase stage. After the session, continue the conversation by visiting us in the Schwab Center.    30 Minutes | Kenneth Burrell, Charles Schwab & Co., Inc.
Navigating the Changing Landscape with Senior and Vulnerable Clients Why Attend Gain an understanding of the changing regulatory environment and your obligations when it comes to protecting your senior and vulnerable clients.  Learn the current fraud threats targeting this client segment and best practices to meet your fiduciary duty in working with these clients.     Session Details Managing long standing relationships with an aging client population has never been more challenging.  New fraud and exploitation threats targeting seniors are significantly on the rise.  And it’s never been easy to work through issues of diminished capacity.  This environment has given rise to new state laws and regulatory requirements impacting all firms.  How do you make sure your compliance program and firm policy ensure the proper protections for your business and your clients? A panel of subject-matter experts will address: New regulatory requirements and expectations for advisors and broker dealers Real life examples of financial exploitation, abuse and fraud schemes currently targeting seniors  Techniques to detect and evaluate potential diminished capacity in your  75 Minutes - Education Session | Yonhee Gordon, JMG FINANCIAL GROUP LTD
Michelle L. Jacko, Jacko Law Group, PC
Cayla Culver, Charles Schwab & Co., Inc.
Michelle Thetford, Charles Schwab & Co., Inc.
Not Impossible: The Art and Joy of Doing What Can't Be Done Join us for a keynote presentation with Mick Ebeling, Founder & CEO of Not Impossible Labs. 1 Hour | Mick Ebeling, PH Corporation
Out Care the Competition: How to Use the Power of Brand and Client Experience to Differentiate Your Firm Why Attend Discover how to make your firm stand out by offering a strong client experience and developing a powerful and appealing brand. Session Details Great consumer brands succeed not just because of their products, but because of their ability to create a powerful customer experience that gives them long-term competitive advantage. Advisors grappling with competition from robo-advisors, the fiduciary rule, and other trends may find that increasing their focus on the user experience is crucial. A subject-matter expert will discuss: How to create a story-driven brand that’s visually appealing for digital platforms Tactics for evaluating and refining your value proposition to make it more compelling for clients How branding, marketing, and the client experience are related Theories on influence and how they affect you, your clients, and your brand 1 Hour | Sheri Fitts, ShoeFitts Marketing
Outlook for Fixed Income in 2018 Why Attend Gain insight about how to gauge the fixed income markets in light of the complex interplay between political and economic factors.  Session Details Caught between dueling economic and political forces, fixed income investors need to tread carefully. On the political side, mid-term elections, myriad fiscal policy changes—and their downstream affects to the Federal Reserve’s interest rate hikes—will impact the bond market. On the economic side, the 35-year bull market run in bonds may not have reached its low point due to changing demographics and the global debt load. Learn how to make sense of it all in a session that will help you: Understand the influence of fiscal and monetary policy changes on various fixed income asset classes Position portfolios for a range of potential outcomes Maintain diversification while managing risks in fixed income 75 Minutes - Education Session | Kathy Jones, Charles Schwab & Co., Inc.
Outsmarting Beta: Insights From a Low Volatility Investing Maven Why Attend Gain valuable skills for evaluating the asset allocation benefits of constructing low-volatility portfolios. Session Details What’s the wisest investment strategy for building your clients’ wealth? Two low-volatility specialists who have received awards for their research will show you how 50-plus years of data support a low-volatility approach. Learn the implications of smart beta and active strategies that exploit low volatility in a session that will help you understand: Differences between volatility exposure and other investment factors and styles Why volatility exposure is the single most important factor Unintended consequences of smart beta strategies that can adversely affect performance The relationship between low volatility and interest rates  75 Minutes - Education Session | George Matthews, Analytic Investors
Harin de Silva, Analytic Investors
Pardon the Interruption: On the Markets Edition Why Attend Hear diverse viewpoints on the latest issues affecting capital markets and investments in a fast-paced, head-to-head style similar to ESPN’s Pardon the Interruption program.  Session Details Get ready for a rapid-fire, candid discussion about the most pressing economic topics of the day—Trumponomics, market leaders and laggards, global growth, interest rates, inflation, and more. Nothing is off limits in this moderated but unrehearsed session in which you’ll have a chance to join the conversation. You’ll gain: Actionable insights about current market challenges to share with clients An outlook on the coming year from subject-matter experts Greater understanding of how the current climate affects equity, fixed income, and real-asset markets Better understanding of marketplace events and global macroeconomic expectations 75 Minutes - Education Session | Edward Keon, QMA
Michael Lillard, PGIM Fixed Income
Brian Ahrens, PGIM Investments
Performance Isn't Everything: Harnessing Technology to Deliver Modern Advice Why Attend Discover how Morningstar software can help you eliminate busywork to better focus on service that matters to your clients and sets you apart from peers.  Session Details Are you staying ahead of changing investor expectations? As the market moves away from high fees and commissions, software can help advisors streamline their workflow to focus more on providing value for clients. A subject-matter expert will discuss the headwinds firms face, how personalized services can help advisors stand out from the pack, and what Morningstar is doing to help. You’ll learn about factors driving change in the industry, the technologies firms are using, their costs, and how technology is evolving to help advisors focus on the “holistic” side of their practices. Morningstar will also share its product roadmap and enhancements to its current offerings. This 30-minute session is scheduled to take place on The Exchange showcase stage. After the session, continue the conversation by visiting us in the Schwab Center.    Seating for this session is at capacity, however standing room is still available. 30 Minutes – Showcase Stages | Scott Burns, Morningstar
Sheryl Rowling, Rowling & Associates
Personalized Finance: Save More Tomorrow™ Why Attend Learn how to develop personalized financial plans for your clients by marrying behavioral finance with digital tools to better understand individual clients’ biases and tendencies.   Session Details In the age of Amazon and Google, customers have come to expect a high level of personalization—and it’s time for the financial industry to do the same. Combining the latest insights of behavioral economics with digital tools, Save More Tomorrow™ creator Shlomo Benartzi demonstrates how it’s possible to assess an individual for mental biases and tendencies that have a large impact on financial choices. Learn: What your chocolate preferences have to do with your retirement drawdown plan  Why the ability to read facial expressions predicts behavior during market downturns How an assessment of online thinking style can be used to dramatically improve financial well-being 1 Hour - Education Session | Shlomo Benartzi, UCLA Anderson School of Management
Politics, the Markets and Your Clients Join Jeffrey Kleintop, Liz Ann Sonders and Greg Valliere as they discuss politics, the markets and your clients. As chief global investment strategist at Charles Schwab, Jeffrey Kleintop analyzes and discusses international markets, trends, and events to help U.S. investors understand their significance and financial implications.  Liz Ann Sonders investigates economic trends, reads investor sentiment, and crunches the numbers to analyze the nation’s economic health. Greg Valliere cuts through the rhetoric and partisan maneuvering to offer observations about how Washington, D.C., politics affects financial markets.  75 Minutes | Greg Valliere, Horizon Investments
Jeffrey Kleintop, Charles Schwab & Co., Inc.
Liz Ann Sonders, Charles Schwab & Co., Inc.
Preparing for Inter-Generational Transfer Why Attend Prepare for the future by understanding how to transition your firm to the next generation of leaders. Session Details Whether or not you’ve thought about handing over the reigns to the next generation of advisors at your firm, the time is coming. Hear from cross-generational leaders of RIA firms about the challenges they’ve encountered and how they strike a balance between promoting innovation and change and preserving legacy. Learn how these leaders have transitioned their firms into the next stage of business growth, including how they: Prepare themselves for greater responsibilities Convey change to existing clients and advisory staff Manage intergenerational relationships 1 Hour - Education Session | Douglas Lane, Douglas C. Lane & Associates
Zinovy Iosovich, Focus Financial Partners
Michael Nathanson, THE COLONY GROUP LLC
Neal Price, Strategic Wealth Partners
Private Equity: The Secondary Advantage Why Attend Gain insight into the benefits and risks of the private equity secondary market, and how to successfully integrate it into a well-constructed portfolio.  Session Details Institutional investors have used private equity for decades to mitigate portfolio volatility and create value, and it has historically outperformed traditional asset classes over medium to long-term periods. Using an interactive case-study approach, a subject-matter expert will provide an overview of opportunities in the private equity secondary market. Find out how you can position the strategy in portfolios. Learn how the secondary market can mitigate the J-curve and accelerate cash flow, reduce blind pool risk and commitment exposure, shorten the duration of the investment, and provide diversification across vintage years, economic cycles, industries, and geographies. This 30-minute session is scheduled to take place on The Exchange showcase stage. After the session, continue the conversation by visiting us in the Schwab Center. ​Seating for this session is at capacity, however standing room is still available. 30 Minutes – Showcase Stages | Ryan Levitt, Pomona Capital
Promoting an Efficient Practice with Integrated Workflows Why Attend Discover how Schwab can help you integrate your firm’s technology platforms to streamline your workflows. Session Details In today’s competitive and fast-paced business environment, making your practice run smoothly and efficiently is critical to your success. Schwab has tools that can help you integrate workflows from a range of technology platforms, increasing your firm’s effectiveness and giving you more time for important client-facing work. A subject-matter expert will provide an overview of Schwab’s integration capabilities, discuss workflows that will make your day-to-day business run smoother, and highlight recent enhancements to the integration program. This 30-minute session is scheduled to take place on The Exchange showcase stage. After the session, continue the conversation by visiting us in the Schwab Center.    30 Minutes | Kartik Srinivasan, Charles Schwab & Co., Inc.
Protecting Your Firm from the Latest Fraud Schemes Why Attend Recognize the current fraud threats to your firm and learn how to detect them before they harm your business and your clients.  Session Details Do you know the single most effective way to prevent fraud? Do you know why all first- and third-party distributions should be treated with the same scrutiny? Are you aware that clicking on the wrong attachment could hand your credentials to fraudsters, putting your client’s assets at risk? The battle against fraud is intensifying and becoming more complex by the minute. Delve into the latest fraud trends targeting advisors and their clients in a session that will help you:  Understand the impact of new fraud threats to your business Identify the characteristics of fraud tactics Spot common red flags Develop best practices for minimizing risk to your firm and clients  75 Minutes - Education Session | Mike Ethridge, Canterbury Consulting Inc
Peter Campbell, Charles Schwab & Co., Inc.
Greg Ruppert, Charles Schwab & Co., Inc.
Michelle Thetford, Charles Schwab & Co., Inc.
Putting Clients on a Digital Path Why Attend Learn what you can do to simplify and improve touchpoints with your clients by enabling them to easily complete tasks online, reduce fraud risk, and eliminate unnecessary paper.   Session Details Clients often ask questions like “Why do I get so much paper?” and “How can I quickly access my information anytime day or night without needing to call anyone?” A Schwab subject matter expert will highlight the benefits for your clients and for your firm of moving the right interactions online. Learn how to better articulate the benefits to your clients as well as the steps you can take and the tools available for improving your clients’ experience through digital interaction. This 30-minute session is scheduled to take place on The Exchange showcase stage. After the session, continue the conversation by visiting us in the Schwab Center.    30 Minutes | Lauren Wheeles, Charles Schwab & Co., Inc.
Reaching Millennial Clients with Millennial Employees Why Attend Attract a new generation of millennial wealth to your firm by developing the next generation of employees. Session Details Among the greatest challenges firms face is how to attract a younger generation of employees and clients. Thankfully, figuring out the first solves the second. Hiring and retaining millennial investment advisors, back-office staff, and client support associates may stretch your comfort zone and involve some risk, but will drive your ability to attract a new generation of clients. Learn how to: Identify your firm’s strengths and weaknesses as they relate to millennial employees Adapt your firm to suit young talent Assemble a plan for introducing millennial employees to your second- and third-generation clients Build a network of millennial clients across economic profiles 1 Hour - Snapshot Session | Andrew Hall, Narwhal Capital Management
Real Asset Opportunities: The Build Out of Energy Infrastructure in North America Why Attend Explore the potential income, growth and diversification opportunities offered bythe energy infrastructure asset class, which can provide a compelling total return value proposition in today’s marketplace. Session Details The energy supply chain provides the backbone to the U.S. economy, and energy infrastructure is a critical element of that chain. Natural gas is an important component to helping the U.S. use more renewables in electricity generation yet energy infrastructure companies received little credit for their relative earnings stability during the recent slide in commodity prices. Learn about the large-scale build out of energy infrastructure projected over the next few decades that will drive growth for companies in this area, which could provide needed protection against rising rates and inflation.   This 30-minute session is scheduled to take place on The Exchange showcase stage. After the session, continue the conversation by visiting us in the Cushing Asset Management booth, found under the MainStay listing. ​Seating for this session is at capacity, however standing room is still available. 30 Minutes – Showcase Stages | Libby Toudouze, Cushing Asset Management
Real Estate and Sustainability: Is There a Green Premium? Why Attend Learn how to identify real estate investments that incorporate sustainability, educate your clients about them, and employ appropriate benchmarking and measurement tools.  Session Details Environmental factors will contribute significantly to the financial performance of real estate portfolios over the coming years, and investors will need a greater focus on this “green premium” to maximize returns. A subject-matter expert will introduce the main elements driving risk-adjusted returns for real estate: green building certifications, energy conservation, carbon footprint reduction, and water and waste reduction. These are closely linked to other secular, long-term drivers of real estate demand, including demographics, technology, and urbanization. Find out how to customize sustainability investments for specific markets and understand the changing attributes of sustainability. This 30-minute session is scheduled to take place on The Exchange showcase stage. After the session, continue the conversation by visiting the Schwab Center or LaSalle Investment Management on The Exchange floor.      30 Minutes – Showcase Stages | Jacques Gordon, LaSalle Investment Management
SEC Custody Rule: How Does the New Guidance Impact My Firm? Why Attend Find out how standing authority to move money has custody implications for advisors following the latest SEC Custody Rule guidance.  Session Details Are you taking custody when you move money for your clients? In light of the SEC’s recent Custody Rule guidance, Schwab has made a number of changes and introduced resources to help you understand the new guidance and how to take action. Discover how to select the right course of action for your clients and your firm in a session that will help you: Understand the new guidance in detail Learn how first- and third-party money movements may trigger custody Determine the actions to take when reviewing and updating your firm’s processes Keep abreast of changes and improvements Schwab is making to stay current with the SEC’s guidance 1 Hour | Joseph Scully, Charles Schwab & Co., Inc.
SEC Expectations for Cybersecurity Incident Response Plans Why Attend Having a robust cybersecurity incident response plan is critical to protect your business.  Session Details Learn about the current regulatory expectations for cybersecurity and how to deal with digital threats. Through case studies, we will evaluate how to develop a robust incident response plan and how to measure its effectiveness. In this session, we'll cover: Current Regulatory Expectations for Cybersecurity How to Deal with Digital Threats: Regulatory Expectations, Fiduciary Considerations and Beyond Case Studies: How Adequate is Your Cybersecurity Incident Response Plan? Steps to Create and Effective Cybersecurity Implementation Plan 75 Minutes - Education Session | Michelle L. Jacko, Jacko Law Group, PC
Showcase Stage Presentation by eMoney Advisor eMoney’s upcoming integration with Schwab OpenView Gateway™ will provide a seamless navigation to Schwab Advisor Center® from the eMoney platform, enabling the thousands of advisors who use both systems to easily oversee their businesses and quickly act on opportunities. Learn about this new integration, along with how eMoney’s interactive technology enhances all phases of the advisor-client lifecycle using holisitic financial planning, automated onboarding, advanced analytics, marketing and more. 30 Minutes – Showcase Stages | Brad Frey, eMoney Advisor
Rob Aita, eMoney Advisor
Simple Money: The Science of Client Motivation Why Attend Learn how to use emotional motivation to help your clients make sound investment decisions. Session Details The financial services industry continues to use an outdated carrot-and-stick approach to motivation. Advisors tell clients what to do but not why, failing to help them distinguish uninformed impulses from the intellectual approach required for successful investing. A subject-matter-expert will use evidence-backed stories to demonstrate how behavioral science can help you better motivate your clients. Discover why: Unifying the “reflective” brain with the “emotional” brain creates investor resolve Emotional motivation overrides intellectual motivation in some situations Advisors who connect emotionally with clients have a better chance of succeeding Risk-based financial planning is difficult for many clients Effective motivation succeeds when lecturing and prescribing fail 1 Hour - Education Session | Tim Maurer, The BAM Alliance
Six Themes Driving the Next 5-Years Why Attend Explore the key investment themes shifting the global asset allocation, risk, and return landscape over the next five years. Session Details Gain actionable portfolio insights into the valuation superstructure and entrenched growth environment driving risk and return expectations in the coming years. This deep dive into portfolio construction will illustrate a modern approach to implementing a strategic outlook by: utilizing tactical adjustments, employing targeted risk exposures, and minimizing unintentional risks to help deliver better outcomes for your clients. In this session, we'll explore: Identifying key indicators to watch for when making tactical adjustments Implementing a risk aware approach that purposely takes compensated risk into account Executing asset allocation with precision using factors                                                    75 Minutes - Education Session | Michael Hunstad, Ph.D., Northern Trust Asset Management
Bob Browne, CFA, Northern Trust
Smart Beta: Marketing Term or Investment Opportunity? Why Attend Find out what you need to know to implement smart beta strategies in a portfolio, and how the strategy can benefit your clients. Session Details Smart beta investing continues to appeal to advisors because of its ability to capitalize on several key drivers of equity returns. Two subject-matter experts will discuss the myths and misconceptions surrounding smart beta and demonstrate how advisors in the early stages of adoption can implement strategies such as fundamentally weighted and factor-based approaches. Discover: What smart beta is and how it has evolved The pros and cons of various smart beta strategies What you need to know to begin constructing smart beta portfolios 75 Minutes - Education Session | David Mazza, OppenheimerFunds
Mo Haghbin, OppenheimerFunds
Sharon French, OppenheimerFunds
Social Security: Spouses, Widows & Divorcees Why Attend Better understand the impact of claiming Social Security early and its effect upon a variety of spousal situations involving surviving spouses, divorcées, and remarriage. Session Details Nearly three-quarters of individuals draw on Social Security early, not only reducing their personal benefits, but also the options available to their current and former spouses. In this session, you’ll review case studies to learn how to best answer your clients’ Social Security–related questions, especially as they relate to benefits in such situations as death, divorce, and remarriage. The session will enable you to: Better understand complex Social Security scenarios Explain Social Security claiming options Ask your clients the right questions 1 Hour - Education Session | Mary Downing, Pioneer Investments
Stock Specifics: From Small to Large Companies and the Growing Relevance of ESG Why Attend Hear the perspectives of veteran investors on the economy, the market’s outlook, and potential equity opportunities. Session Details Advisors have the opportunity to compound their clients’ wealth as stocks continue to rise despite increasing turmoil in the market. Three veteran investors will share their views on how you can separate the signal from the noise and make successful equity investments globally for your clients. The discussion will provide: A view on the economy, market, and underlying fundamentals The benefits of focusing on overlooked stocks – from small to large - and having a flexible investment mandate The growing relevance of incorporating ESG factors in the investment decision making process 75 Minutes - Education Session | Christopher Desmarais, GAMCO Investors, Inc.
Sarah Donnelly, GAMCO Investors, Inc.
Kevin V. Dreyer, GAMCO Investors, Inc.
Stop Self-Sabotaging Your Referral Process Why Attend Discover how you may be unintentionally sabotaging your referral process and how to correct it to optimize your opportunities. Session Details Have you ever wondered how to strengthen your referral business? Clients can be powerful centers of influence (COIs), but self-sabotaging behaviors you’re not aware of could be hurting business. An experienced referability coach will explain the choices and actions that decrease referrals and how to correct these in a session that will help you: Understand three ways you sabotage referrals Learn which clients to ask for referrals Develop specific criteria for the best-qualified COIs Identify the differences between average and above-average COIs Discover how best to educate clients to effectively refer you 75 Minutes - Education Session | Michelle R. Donovan, Asentiv of Western PA
Streamlining New Account Opening: Existing and Future Technologies to Simplify the Process Why Attend Discover how using Schwab’s online account opening tool can help you streamline the process of onboarding new clients in just minutes. Session Details When you’re done with the hard work of winning new clients, the next step is setting up their accounts so you can begin building the relationship. Schwab’s online account opening tool streamlines the process for you and for your clients by electronically originating new accounts. A subject-matter expert will share the benefits of using the tool, how to get started, and upcoming enhancements that will make the tool even easier. This 30-minute session is scheduled to take place on The Exchange showcase stage. After the session, continue the conversation by visiting us in the Schwab Center.    30 Minutes | Sam Hossa, Charles Schwab & Co., Inc.
Strengthen Your Cybersecurity Practices with the Schwab Cybersecurity Resource Center Why Attend Gain an overview of the many resources available at Schwab’s Cybersecurity Resource Center to help you protect your firm and clients from hackers. Session Details Chances are your firm has experienced the fallout of cyber theft either directly or indirectly through a vendor. Nearly three-quarters of advisors have reported being affected. In the current fraud and regulatory landscape, you must have a comprehensive and agile plan to protect your firm and clients. Learn about the education, guided approach, resources, and many tools available at Schwab’s Cybersecurity Resource Center to help you safeguard your reputation and assets. This 30-minute session is scheduled to take place on The Exchange showcase stage. After the session, continue the conversation by visiting us in the Schwab Center.    30 Minutes – Showcase Stages | Leslie Tabor, Charles Schwab & Co., Inc.
Striking a Balance: Unearthing Potential in Equities and Fixed Income Why Attend Hear a stimulating debate about the merits and drawbacks of equities and fixed income, and how you can find value in each while avoiding volatility. Session Details The markets have been rich in opportunity in recent years, but investors are now asking where they can find pockets of value while guarding against future volatility—a goal tailor-made for active strategies. A panel of veteran money managers will participate in an Oxford-style debate about whether equities or fixed income offer the greatest potential. Explore: The most attractive feature of each asset class How to view current valuations The sectors and industries where pricing may not reflect reality The prospects for heightened volatility in the market 75 Minutes - Education Session | Frances Cashman, Legg Mason
Sam Peters, ClearBridge
John Bellows, Western Asset Management
Technology: A Positive Disruption in the RIA Industry Why Attend Hear from a panel of your peers of how they successfully leveraged technology to achieve the benefits including lowering total cost of ownership, institutionalizing knowledge, and automating back office functions.   Session Details Disruptive new technologies are changing the way you do business. Simultaneously, clients are clamoring for more transparency and accountability, and seek greater involvement in managing their investments. You can address all these demands, delight clients, and become more efficient operationally by carrying out a technology integration strategy.  Learn how technology solutions such as RedBlack’s can free your firm to focus more on clients and create a foundation for growth. This 30-minute session is scheduled to take place on The Exchange showcase stage. After the session, continue the conversation by visiting us in the Schwab Center at booth 526. Seating for this session is at capacity, however standing room is still available. 30 Minutes – Showcase Stages | Kevin Winn, RedBlack Software
Jeff Comstock, CFP�, RedBlack Software
The Case for Global Asset Allocation Why Attend Learn how to apply Modern Portfolio Theory to today’s evolving markets, and hear the case for global asset allocation. Session Details With the market likely to undergo major changes during the next 20 years, Modern Portfolio Theory remains relevant, but must incorporate new investment options and strategies. Globalization, increased bouts of volatility, generationally low bond yields, and lower expected returns will play a role in how advisors manage their clients’ money. A subject-matter expert will make the case for global asset allocation and discuss: The new market realities and how Modern Portfolio Theory fits into today’s landscape Tactics advisors can deploy to deal with rapidly evolving markets How active and passive investing fit into the picture The benefits of fundamental index strategies  75 Minutes - Education Session | Anthony Davidow, Charles Schwab & Co., Inc.
The Fiduciary Rule: How It Impacts Retirement Planning Advising Why Attend Become informed about the ways in which the Department of Labor Fiduciary Rule affects advisory services provided to IRA and defined contribution plan holders. Session Details When does the advice you provide for 401 (k) and 403 (b) plans fall under the Department of Labor (DOL) Fiduciary Rule? Find out from a subject-matter expert how to respond to the requirements of the Conflict of Interest Rule, which became effective in July 2017 and will have certain provisions enforceable in 2018. Learn: How the expansion of the ERISA fiduciary requirements affects advice provided to IRA owners and beneficiaries What actions are now considered fiduciary ones Who is considered a fiduciary How the IRA and defined contributions markets may be affected by the regulation 75 Minutes - Education Session | Scott Matheson, CAPTRUST
The Narrative Machine: Modern Markets as Seen Through the Lens of Artificial Intelligence Why Attend Discover how artificial intelligence can help advisors gain fresh insight into the markets and improve decision making.  Session Details New technologies continue to influence the way asset managers form their investment strategies. Those that use big data, quantitative strategies and other technology-based approaches increasingly see the value of artificial intelligence. AI applications have enormous processing power for decision-making, and are designed to work with humans, not replace them. A subject-matter expert will demonstrate an AI program and discuss how the technology: Relates to other industry-changing technologies Helps investors see new dimensions of the market to better gauge sentiment, shifting narratives, and other forces Improves decision-making Bolsters traditional investing approaches based on human discretion 1 Hour - Snapshot Session | W. Ben Hunt, Ph.D., Salient
The New Albridge Wealth Reporting Experience for RIAs Why Attend Find out how Albridge Wealth Reporting can help you attract and retain clients with transparent performance reporting and give you the power to advise clients on all their assets, even the ones you aren’t responsible for.  Session Details Albridge Wealth Reporting integrates wealth and performance reporting to provide advisors with a single view of all their clients’ assets. A redesign better meets the needs of broker-dealer affiliated, hybrid, and independent advisors, creating efficiencies that free up time to grow your firm and deepen client relationships. A subject-matter expert will discuss how to use client performance history and other data to differentiate your firm, and new interactive features that improve the user experience. Learn about uninterrupted access that’s available to advisors transitioning to full independence. This 30-minute session is scheduled to take place on The Exchange showcase stage. After the session, continue the conversation by visiting us in the Schwab Center.    30 Minutes – Showcase Stages | Paul Camuto, Albridge Solutions, Inc.
The New Tamarac Platform Why Attend Learn how Tamarac’s completely redesigned RIA platform can help you automate more of your day-to-day business, differentiate your firm and help you better engage your clients through mobile technology, superior data quality, powerful client portal, and more. Session Details Tamarac is launching a completely redesigned portfolio and client management platform with deeper integrations, more capabilities, and broader workflow automation. In this session, we’ll take a deep dive into the brand new Tamarac solution for RIAs. See Tamarac’s new prospecting, proposal, and onboarding functionality firsthand, as well as the all-new user interface that combines their award-winning portfolio management and rebalancing software into a single application. ​Seating for this session is at capacity, however standing room is still available. 30 Minutes – Showcase Stages | Ashley Dahl, Envestnet | Tamarac
The Seventh Sense Join us for a keynote session in a conversation with Joshua Cooper Ramo. 1 Hour | Joshua Cooper Ramo, Kissinger Associates
The World is Not Enough: How Investors Should Approach an Evolving Bond Market Why Attend Help investors learn how to avoid surprises in their bond portfolios by better understanding the evolution of bonds, how they’ve been defined and redefined, and the role of various bond types in asset allocation. Session Details “Bond. James Bond.” With these words, you can precisely define the character of the iconic protagonist. But, the exact identity and nature of investment bonds has changed markedly over time. The number of bonds has grown, their duration lengthened as investors search for yield, and their investment grade and return potential divvied up. Even the definition of an international bond was obscured when non-U.S. entities hopped aboard the bond train. We’ve now come full circle with investments in “stocks and bonds.” Learn how the evolution of this asset, while positive, requires investors to approach their bond portfolios with their eyes wide open to avoid surprises.     This 30-minute session is scheduled to take place on The Exchange showcase stage. After the session, continue the conversation by visiting the Schwab Center or BMO Global Asset Management on the Exchange floor.    Seating for this session is at capacity, however standing room is still available. 30 Minutes – Showcase Stages | Janelle Woodward, CFA�, Taplin, Canida & Habacht/BMO Global Asset Management
Two Sides to One Coin: How Ownership and Management Relate at Advisory Firms Why Attend Discover how separating ownership and management roles—and making their congruencies deliberate—can help your firm run more efficiently and better prepare for transitions. Session Details Advisory firms often consider ownership and management roles to be the same, but each has its distinct demands, responsibilities and benefits. The timing and personnel involved in these transitions can be and often should be different - automatically combining them can be risky. Whether your firm is large or small, crafting deliberate paths toward equity and management will ultimately yield greater success. Two subject-matter experts will discuss: How clearly defining the unique characteristics of each role can improve your business dynamics and simplify succession. Why firms of all sizes should articulate plans for equity migration and management transition early on. How to develop your optimal selection criteria for the best management candidates, communicate the differences between management and ownership, and take the right steps to get a successful transition under way.   75 Minutes - Education Session | David DeVoe, DeVoe & Company
Tim Kochis, Special Advisor, DeVoe & Co.
Understanding ESG In Fixed Income Investments Why Attend Discover how to incorporate environmental, social, and governance (ESG) factors into fixed income portfolios to mitigate risk, identify opportunities and invest in sustainable issues and issuers. Session Details This session will outline how ESG can be incorporated into a fixed income portfolio – both as means of risk mitigation and as a way for you to achieve a higher degree of mission-alignment with your clients.   Learn how to integrate environmental and social governance factors into the credit research process for both municipal and corporate issuers, which may help alert investors to potential credit deterioration issues. You’ll also hear ways clients can put their fixed income dollars to work on impactful projects like schools or clean water facilities, and what types of credit opportunities may align with your clients’ missions – such as educational, faith-based, or environmental. This 30-minute session is scheduled to take place on The Exchange showcase stage. After the session, continue the conversation by visiting the Schwab Center or Breckinridge Capital Advisors on The Exchange floor. 30 Minutes – Showcase Stages | Tim Coffin, Breckinridge Capital Advisors
Use Investment Performance to Differentiate and Deepen Relationships Why Attend Discover how you can use performance-reporting to deepen client relationships and differentiate yourself from your competitors. Session Details Financial services remains the least trusted sector of all industries, where a large portion of investors aren’t confident that investment performance calculation results are accurate. However, advisors can follow some easy steps and guidelines to give investors exactly what they want, while deepening client relationships and differentiating themselves from their competition: In his presentation, a co-author of a recent study on investor transparency will go over: Guiding principles that should drive the financial planning / portfolio performance review process What performance metrics are most important to investors How behavioral biases impact investor preference and should be a key part of risk tolerance measurement 1 Hour - Education Session | Benjamin Gross, Visualize Wealth
Using Social Influence to Turn Clients into Fans Why Attend Learn how to increase your social influence with clients to generate greater success for your firm. Session Details Do you want to be more persuasive when helping clients meet their financial goals? Changing minds is more complicated than it looks because the actions of others—even strangers—affect how people act. A New York Times best-selling author will explain social influence, how it alters behavior, and how those who understand it can benefit by increasing their influence with clients and colleagues. Discover how to: Make better group decisions Motivate others to take action on your behalf Use social influence to create word of mouth that generates new business Craft compelling content that encourages clients to be advocates 75 Minutes - Education Session | Jonah Berger, Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania
Using Strategic Planning to Build a High-Performance Business Why Attend Learn how to develop a strategic plan to help your firm grow and succeed in a competitive business environment. Session Details As the RIA industry matures and competition becomes more fierce, firms with a strong strategic plan are better positioned to prosper. Back by popular demand, this highly interactive roundtable session will show you how to use Schwab’s strategic planning process to help you keep your firm focused on key priorities and in alignment around a shared direction. Achieve your vision by learning: Strategic planning basics Approaches that have and haven’t worked Your firm’s strengths and opportunities through completion of a SWOT analysis How to construct and carry out an effective plan * This session was offered at IMPACT 2016 and is being repeated due to popular demand. 2 Hr - Ext Education Session | Jerry Cobb, Charles Schwab & Co., Inc.
Valuations: What is Your RIA Really Worth? Why Attend Learn how to develop a truly sustainable business that appeals to buyers and can yield more offers. Session Details How can two advisories of similar size and revenue generate vastly different interest and purchase offers? Your attractiveness to strategic acquirers and your purchase price multiple are driven by factors such as your earnings before interest and taxes and your client demographics. Transform your business from a lifestyle advisory into a professional firm, and drive a seller’s market for your business by creating a sustainable firm. The session will cover: The five factors that decide multiples How to prepare your firm for a profitable sale Types of strategic acquirers in the marketplace 75 Minutes - Education Session | Todd Thomson, Dynasty Financial Partners
John Furey, Advisor Growth Strategies, LLC
Virtual Reality Tour of International Opportunities Why Attend Immerse yourself in new worlds of investment possibilities through the use of virtual reality technology, and discover a fresh way of thinking about the opportunities.  Session Details You don't have to leave Chicago to take a tour of international investment opportunities. Through the technology of virtual reality, you'll depart on a global round trip, visiting markets and seeing with your own eyes where opportunities lie—and what makes them attractive. You’ll gain: A unique understanding of global macro and micro economic themes New ways of thinking about opportunities in global and emerging markets 75 Minutes - Education Session | Rajiv Jain, GQG Partners
John Tousley, Goldman Sachs Asset Management
What Losing Teaches about Winning Join us for a keynote session with Theo Epstein. 1 Hour | Theo Epstein, Chicago Cubs
What’s on the Horizon for Schwab Performance Technologies® Why Attend Learn what is in the strategic roadmap for the portfolio management solutions offered by Schwab Performance Technologies®. Session Details Get an overview of recent and upcoming product plans from Schwab Performance Technologies®, including an update on PortfolioCenterTM and Schwab’s next-generation solution, Schwab Advisor Portfolio Connect. You’ll have access to our in-progress product roadmaps, which show where we’re headed in the next 12 to 18 months with these solutions. A live produce demo will also demonstrate how Schwab Advisor Portfolio Connect can help your firm. This 30-minute session is scheduled to take place on The Exchange showcase stage. After the session, continue the conversation by visiting us in the Schwab Center.      ©2017 Schwab Performance Technologies (“SPT”).  All rights reserved. Schwab Advisor Portfolio Connect™ and PocketFolio™ are products of SPT.  Schwab Advisor Services™ includes the custody, trading, and support services of Charles Schwab & Co., Inc. ("CS&Co"), a registered broker-dealer and member SIPC. SPT provides technology solutions to independent investment advisors, while CS&Co provides them and their clients with custody, trading, and related support services. SPT and CS&C0 are separate companies affiliated as subsidiaries of The Charles Schwab Corporation, but their products and services are independent from each other. 30 Minutes – Showcase Stages | Charles Covin, Charles Schwab & Co., Inc.
Gail Romano, Schwab Performance Technologies
What’s Your Story? Communicating Your Vision to Clients Why Attend Learn how to craft a compelling story about how you approach investing, think about money, and help your clients succeed. Session Details The world’s most prominent leaders and investors have one trait in common: They know how to communicate ideas and create compelling narratives. A leading journalist who has profiled some of the biggest names in business will show you how you can shape your story, become an indispensable resource and valuable thought leader for your clients, and set yourself apart from competitors. Find out how to: Communicate effectively about how you help clients achieve their goals. Identify important ideas and themes, integrate them into a story, and promote them to clients and the industry. Use a personal narrative to distinguish yourself from the competition. 1 Hour - Snapshot Session | Pattie Sellers, SellersEaston Media and Veteran Fortune Writer and Editor
Where Have All the U.S. Stocks Gone: Portfolio Implications of Fewer U.S. Equities and How Private Equity Can Help Why Attend Delve into the reasons for the contraction in U.S. stock market listings and the portfolio investment opportunities offered by private equity. Session Details Since 1996, the number of companies listed on U.S. stock exchanges has fallen by roughly 50%. Meanwhile, the remaining public companies are older, larger, and slower growing, as evidenced by an average market cap that has more than quadrupled. Where does this leave investors who need broad exposure to equities? Lean about the benefits that private equity affords as a subject-matter expert explains: What private equity is, its benefits and risks Why advisors should consider private equity as an alternative investment How investors can access private equity 1 Hour - Snapshot Session | Dennis McCrary, Pantheon
Why Emerging Markets Now: Evolution And Transformation Why Attend Gain a better understanding of the evolution of emerging markets, and discover how to benefit from their most compelling investing opportunities.  Session Details After outperforming developed markets during the past year, Emerging Markets continue to offer compelling opportunities for long-term investors. Developing economies are diversifying and are no longer reliant only on materials and energy. Listen to a discussion on the structural changes that could sustain growth rates and equity returns over the next several years, along with trends such as the changing consumer market in Asia, labor force expansion, falling inflation, pro-growth democratic governments, and inexpensive valuations. Find out why small- and mid-cap companies present opportunities, and discover the pros and cons of active and passive management in this sector. This 30-minute session is scheduled to take place on The Exchange showcase stage. After the session, continue the conversation by visiting the Schwab Center or Thomas White International on The Exchange floor.    ​Seating for this session is at capacity, however standing room is still available. 30 Minutes – Showcase Stages | Rex Mathew, Thomas White International
Win and Retain More Business with Fi360 Software Why Attend Discover how Fi360’s Fiduciary Focus Toolkit™ can help you apply sound fiduciary processes to all areas of your practice to scale your business and improve compliance and client service.  Session Details How can you efficiently document your investing processes to reduce liability and comply with the new Fiduciary Rule?  A subject-matter expert will demonstrate how Fi360’s Fiduciary Focus Toolkit™ can help you win and retain more business while implementing prudent practices such as IPS development, quarterly investment monitoring, and investment research. You will also discover how the Fiduciary Focus Toolkit™ can create compelling proposal and client monitoring reports, while minimizing the time and effort required for documenting due diligence.   30 Minutes – Showcase Stages | Travis Reeder, Fi360, Inc.
Women's Pre-Conference Think Tank Why Attend Women represent over 50 percent of the U.S. population and a majority of college graduates, yet according to Cerulli, the number of women advisors today is less than significant at 16%.  Find out how bringing more women into your practice could be a competitive differentiator for your firm, while helping to evolve the RIA industry. Session Details Join us and our partners at InvestmentNews for the Women’s Think Tank at IMPACT.  During this period of change and opportunity, it’s your chance to connect, share experiences, and join valuable discussions on the topics that matter most. Examine today’s challenges in attracting and advancing women in the RIA industry Gain insights and strategies practiced by your peers Brainstorm solutions for increasing representation of women in our industry This session is open to all advisor attendees, but space is limited to 100 participants.    150 Minutes | Suzanne Siracuse, InvestmentNews
Your Aging Client: Issues with Diminished Capacity and Elder Abuse Why Attend Learn how you can effectively serve and protect elderly clients dealing with the challenges of dementia or financial abuse.  Session Details As your clients age, they may face problems such as diminished capacity, elder abuse, and fraud. Yet, many advisors aren’t as well-informed about these matters as they should be and are unprepared to help clients. Learn the definitions and signs of dementia and elder fraud, along with prevention steps and treatments, as a subject-matter expert discusses how to: Develop protocols to educate and protect elderly clients Utilize established resources for yourself and your clients Recognize problems when they arise, communicate effectively with family, and take appropriate action Stay on top of legal reporting responsibilities, FINRA rule changes, and pending legislation  2 Hr - Ext Education Session | Amy Florian, Corgenius Inc.
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