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A Conversation with David Cameron Join us for a keynote session with David Cameron, Former Prime Minister of the United Kingdom. 1 Hour | David Cameron, Former Prime Minister of the United Kingdom
Avoiding Your Firm's Expiration by Creating a Sustainable Business Why Attend In this hands-on workshop, learn how to avoid a succession crisis by gaining a deep understanding of how to build a sustainable business through organic growth. Session Details Success and growth go hand-in-hand, but many small and midsize firms struggle to attract top talent. Rising overhead costs, heavier workloads, and client attrition leave many RIAs unable to grow and approaching expiration without a plan—a potential industry crisis. This workshop will make the case for organic growth and offer a fresh perspective on how to reverse the expiration trend through sustainability and talent acquisition. During the session, you will: Understand RIA-specific data about the industry’s succession crisis Hear from an industry leader who overcame succession issues Evaluate your business’ strengths and growth challenges Leave with tangible resources to help you create a sustainable business  3 Hr - Pre-conference Session | James Blair, Moneta Group Investment Advisors
Patrick McGinnis, Moneta Group Investment Advisors
Thomas O'Meara, Moneta Group Investment Advisors
Kate Pexa, Charles Schwab & Co., Inc.
Biagnostics™: Where Behavioral Finance Meets Client Experience Why Attend Learn how to incorporate behavioral finance into your practice with the Biagnostics™ framework from Charles Schwab Investment Management.  Session Details In today’s age of automated investing, a changing fiduciary landscape, and an impending multibillion dollar generational asset transfer, it’s more important than ever for financial advisors to master “human skills.” This brings behavioral finance—a field which seeks to combine psychology with economics to explain why investors make irrational financial decisions—to the forefront. In this session, you’ll learn how to apply Biagnostics, a behavioral finance-based framework to create an emotionally and financially customized client experience. Key learnings and action items: Identify and mitigate client investing biases Incorporate psychological and life stage needs in investing plans and communications Design client experiences that address psychological and financial needs Use Biagnostics tools to foster meaningful ongoing client conversations and long-term loyalty 75 Minutes - Education Session | Greg Laurence, CFP, CMIA, AIF, Charles Schwab Investment Management
Omar Aguilar, Ph.D., Charles Schwab Investment Management
China: Too Risky to Invest in or Too Big to Ignore? Why Attend Recognize the risks and opportunities of investing in China and learn how to take advantage of the latter to broaden client portfolios. Session Details Investors are rethinking international allocations in their portfolios thanks to strong emerging-markets performance, especially in Asia. With the inclusion of Chinese A-shares in the MSCI indexes, China is now taking a bigger role on the world stage. A macroeconomist and two portfolio managers offer a framework for properly understanding the world’s second-largest economy and stock tactics for building portfolios to take advantage of secular trends. Learn: Why Asia should represent a bigger part of an investor’s portfolio China’s growing importance in investing strategies How to generate attractive returns with the correct exposure while also mitigating volatility   75 Minutes - Education Session | Andy Rothman, Matthews Asia Capital Management
Kenneth Lowe, Matthews Asia Capital Management
Tiffany Hsiao, Matthews Asia Capital Management
Demystifying Cybersecurity: Best Practices to Help Jump-Start Your Program Why Attend Stay on top of cybersecurity best practices to protect your firm—whether you’re building your first plan or upgrading an existing one. Session Details Every firm needs a strong cybersecurity program. Do you know where to start? If you already have a plan, is it as comprehensive and robust as it should be? Every firm can benefit from using the latest best practices and comprehensive tools. Learn how to build a vigorous cybersecurity program in a session that will cover: The current cybersecurity landscape, including the regulatory environment Elements of a strong cybersecurity program Key best practices you can use to enhance your firm’s efforts Schwab tools and resources to help you build and maintain an effective program    75 Minutes - Education Session | Adam Moseley, Schwab
Finding Today’s Top Talent to Build for Tomorrow’s Success Why Attend Learn how to recruit and retain a diverse team of high-performing employees to foster long-term success for your firm.  Session Details A company is only as strong as the employees who work for it. Building a diverse and accomplished team is a crucial element of success in today’s competitive market, but the process requires focus and determination. A top business journalist will lead a panel that includes subject-matter experts from the advisory world and academia in a discussion about techniques, strategies, and best practices for hiring and retaining top talent and building gender and cultural diversity at your firm.     75 Minutes - Education Session | Pattie Sellers, Sellers Easton Media
Jon Yankee, FJY Financial
Jocelyn Wright, The American College
Internships for Tomorrow’s Financial Planners Why Attend Learn how to attract new, inexperienced talent to your firm to develop the next generation of advisors. Session Details Internships are an important avenue for training the next generation of advisors and creating a talent pipeline that can help your firm and the industry continue to grow. Find out how to develop an effective and competitive internship program, and hear from faculty, firm leaders, and students who will share their internship experiences and best practices in a session that will cover:  Advantages of internship programs for firms and students  Steps to establishing a program that will attract top-notch students  Tips for achieving your desired outcomes, including career path options for successful interns   * This session will be held in conjunction with a networking luncheon for students, faculty, and advisors. 75 Minutes - Education Session | Brad Losson, Charles Schwab & Co., Inc.
Deena Katz, Texas Tech University
John Salter, Ph.D., CFP, Texas Tech University and Evensky & Katz/Folds Financial Wealth Management
Is Your Firm Ready for the Fintech Wave? Why Attend Find out how technology is changing financial services, and how you can implement fintech strategies at your firm.  Session Details The financial services industry is undergoing a profound transformation at every level, from its underlying infrastructure to the middle office and the client experience. Artificial intelligence, augmented reality, and blockchain (a secure, digital ledger in which transactions are validated and executed without a central authority) are among the technologies that startups, and media and technology companies are employing to disrupt the financial services industry. Delve into: Changes the industry will undergo by 2025 How a proprietary unifying framework can help your firm benefit from fintech How to create a fintech blueprint tailored to the needs of your firm and its clients 75 Minutes - Education Session | Lex Sokolin, Autonomous Research
Limiting Downside Risk: Modernize Your Approach to Portfolio Construction Why Attend Stay on top of the strategies and technologies that can help you construct risk-aware portfolios. Session Details In today’s rapidly evolving wealth-management industry, increased market uncertainty means the best offense may be a good defense when it comes to portfolio construction. Strategies that limit downside capture may protect against losses, and potentially produce higher cumulative returns over the long term. Gain an understanding of: Industry forces driving the evolution of portfolio construction Why traditional 60/40 portfolios may be riskier than you think How interest-rate volatility can affect portfolios Portfolio-construction technologies that can mitigate downside risk 75 Minutes - Education Session | Mark Peterson, BlackRock
Brett Mossman, BlackRock
Salim Ramji, BlackRock
MIT AgeLab: 8,000 Days of Retirement—A New Phase, Not the Finish Line Why Attend Steer your retirement clients toward proper financial planning by helping them gain the right perspective on the next stage of their lives. Session Details Do your clients view retirement accurately? With rising life expectancies, this chapter of life could stretch 8,000 days—or 20 years—maybe longer. When viewed alongside other life phases, such as birth to college graduation and the latter to middle age, it’s evident that this next stage is complex and offers multiple possibilities. Find out how to guide clients toward proper financial planning by: Anticipating what they may face in the four phases of retirement Helping create a life story in which they are the central character Evolving your approach to serve as a curator of a largely uncharted life phase while also maintaining your value as a financial expert 75 Minutes - Education Session | John Diehl, Hartford Funds
Politics, the Markets and Your Clients Join Jeffrey Kleintop, Liz Ann Sonders and Greg Valliere as they discuss politics, the markets and your clients. As chief global investment strategist at Charles Schwab, Jeffrey Kleintop analyzes and discusses international markets, trends, and events to help U.S. investors understand their significance and financial implications.  Liz Ann Sonders investigates economic trends, reads investor sentiment, and crunches the numbers to analyze the nation’s economic health. Greg Valliere cuts through the rhetoric and partisan maneuvering to offer observations about how Washington, D.C., politics affects financial markets.  75 Minutes | Jeffrey Kleintop, Charles Schwab & Co., Inc.
Liz Ann Sonders, Charles Schwab & Co., Inc.
Greg Valliere, Horizon Investments
Protecting your Firm from the Latest Fraud Schemes Why Attend Recognize the current fraud threats to your firm and learn how to detect them before they harm your business and your clients.  Session Details Do you know the single most effective way to prevent fraud? Do you know why all first- and third-party distributions should be treated with the same scrutiny? Are you aware that clicking on the wrong attachment could hand your credentials to fraudsters, putting your client’s assets at risk? The battle against fraud is intensifying and becoming more complex by the minute. Delve into the latest fraud trends targeting advisors and their clients in a session that will help you:  Understand the impact of new fraud threats to your business Identify the characteristics of fraud tactics Spot common red flags Develop best practices for minimizing risk to your firm and clients  75 Minutes - Education Session | Michelle Thetford, Schwab
The Future State of the Investment Profession Why Attend Discover how to unleash your entrepreneurial side to develop innovative solutions for your clients. Session Details The wealth-management profession is at a turning point. New technologies are changing the way advisors manage their practices, while consumers have a wider range of banking and money-management options than ever before. A subject-matter expert will discuss what advisors can learn from the entrepreneurial mindset of Silicon Valley to develop innovative approaches to serving clients and reshaping the industry. Learn about: The entrepreneurial skills and practices advisors need to thrive in today’s changing environment How to spark a dialogue with your colleagues and peers about solving industry challenges A five-point roadmap for developing an entrepreneurial approach to disruption and transformation 75 Minutes - Education Session | John Bowman, CFA Institute
Using Social Influence to Turn Clients into Fans Why Attend Learn how to increase your social influence with clients to generate greater success for your firm. Session Details Do you want to be more persuasive when helping clients meet their financial goals? Changing minds is more complicated than it looks because the actions of others—even strangers—affect how people act. A New York Times best-selling author will explain social influence, how it alters behavior, and how those who understand it can benefit by increasing their influence with clients and colleagues. Discover how to: Make better group decisions Motivate others to take action on your behalf Use social influence to create word of mouth that generates new business Craft compelling content that encourages clients to be advocates 75 Minutes - Education Session | Jonah Berger, Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania
Which IRA Do You Choose, and When Do You Choose It? Why Attend Find out when it’s best to select a Roth IRA or a traditional IRA for clients and what strategies to consider when making a conversion.  Session Details Helping clients select a suitable IRA is one of an advisor’s most important tasks. Understanding the benefits and drawbacks of traditional and Roth IRAs is a key step in the process. A subject-matter expert will explain their similarities and differences, discuss when to make a conversion, and delve into: The tax equivalency principle and how to use tax rates to calculate the value of after-tax and pre-tax contributions Considerations and rules for using so-called “backdoor” and “mega backdoor” Roth IRA strategies Partial Roth conversion strategies and their tax planning flexibility  75 Minutes - Education Session | Michael Kitces, Nerd's Eye View | Pinnacle Advisory Group
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